Five Things: No room for racism as Hull FC lose to Wigan

Hull FC were edged out 16-14 by Wigan on Thursday night.

Here is Up the Cream’s Five Things column.

1. Savelio’s racism claim

Andre Savelio accused Tony Clubb of a racist slur towards his Polynesian heritage during Hull’s defeat to Wigan. Savelio, usually one of the most calm and collected players in the Hull side, was raging post-match and could be seen complaining to referee James Child as well. There’s clearly some mileage here.

The incident (put on report) comes at the worst time given rugby league’s show of unity to stand up to racism in a social media boycott this weekend, and all eyes will be on the RFL now to see what they do.

“He’s not good to be honest, he’s pretty upset,” Hodgson said on Savelio post-match.

This is a serious allegation and the governing body can’t ignore it. They must stand with the Hull player.

The writing is on the wall given that Wigan didn’t put Clubb back on and he wasn’t seen shaking hands with anyone at the end of the game either. As Savelio posted on his Twitter page, that’s “the measure of a man”, and clearly Clubb is a coward.

2. What can social media do to combat racism?

“I’m staying impartial” “If proven by the RFL”… Some of the comments and replies to Andre Savelio’s tweet are disgusting, basically implying that he is lying about a racist claim.

They are so bad that one bloke even replied to a conversation with a gorilla GIF. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing there too. This is a huge problem and this is where social media companies don’t do enough.

On a weekend where a stance will be made, it’s time to get tough. Sure this isn’t North Korea, but some sort of photo identity verification for every Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account needs to be put in place. Not an email which again could be anything, more a passport or driving license.

The levels of racism on social media towards professional sportsmen and women have been appalling recently and are more than not from faceless or nameless accounts with fake names, photos or both. Keyboard warriors, in other words.

They wouldn’t say half the shit they post if the social media companies knew who they were, that’s for sure, and it’d be a firm way to tackle the problem.

And to those that would oppose it, why? What have you got to worry about? And for those doubting Savelio and implying that he could be lying, just get in the bin. This shit needs calling out. There’s absolutely no place for it.

3. The manner of defeat

You can’t win them all (unless you’re Penrith Panthers) and it says a lot about you on how you get beat when you do get beat.

95% of fans can accept a defeat, but it’s the manner of the defeat that plays a part in that acceptance and over the past few years the manner of some of Hull’s defeats has been nothing short of rancid.

Making sure those humiliating heavy defeats are firmly a thing of the past is key this year. The goal for Hodgson is to be competitive in every game and so far he’s got that and more.

Hull in defeat at Wigan were brave and they went down fighting. We got a performance, the effort both with and without the ball was outstanding and that’s all we can ask for. It’s a different world away to what we’ve endured given the dross of the past couple of years. Long may it continue.

4. Big Chicken Satae

There were loads of strong Hull performers against Wigan – Marc Sneyd, Ben McNamara, Adam Swift, Jordan Lane, Joe Cator etc, but we’re going with Chris Satae. The big fella was immense.

Satae is a wrecking ball. He has been used much better this year and his stints are therefore more effective. He carries the ball like water on rock and wins the floor more than most. A brilliant player who if the worst should come out with Scott Taylor’s foot injury, will have even more responsibility on his massive shoulders over the next few weeks. Good job he can carry some weight on his back then. Top display.

5. Keep on improving

For all the controversy surrounding Hull’s game at Wigan with bullshit set restart and penalty calls, Brett Hodgson’s side could have been smarter at times as well. There were moments where they could have better managed the game and there were incidents where their discipline could have been better too.

Marquee man Josh Reynolds sorts all that out. A tough and fiery contest is just made for him and he’ll be chomping at the bit to play in the cup game next week. That’ll be week five since his hamstring injury was diagnosed at 4-6 weeks.

It’ll be a massive boost should the Grub make the squad next week, but that shouldn’t single the end of Ben McNamara’s involvement either. He’s been tidy in recent weeks and with it being evident right now that Hull are at their best when Danny Houghton is on the field rather than Jordan Johnstone, there could be room for him in the interchange places.

There’s loads of fat to chew right now but what’s abundantly clear is that this Hull team under Hodgson are certainly evolving and whilst they are not the finished article yet, there’s plenty to be encouraged about.

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