The Up the Cream team is far from a one man army..

Dan Tomlinson – Founder, owner, and editor of Up the Cream. Dan first came up with the idea for an independent supporters publication back in December 2014. He is responsible for all the fanzine’s design, layout and printing, had a rubbish beard, drinks a lot of ale and attends every Hull FC game, home, away, and over land and sea.

Callum Thompson – If there’s a debate topic you betcha’ Callum has an opinion on it. A steady pundit, writer and average footballer, he regularly offers his ramblings on recent Hull FC matters in print and online. The only problem is that he supports Liverpool, but then again nobodies perfect..

Caroline Green – Dan approached Caroline before the launch date back in 2015, and she’s been an invaluable member of our team ever since. Despite being both a self-proclaimed caffeine and gym junkie, her Round Up column is exceptional, and really tells it how it is.

Chomley Club Eric – Eric is our quirky old fictional character, who moans about everything and anything. He speaks a lot of sense for a man who loses his head every time his wife forgets the Battenburg from Aldi, and is a popular member of our team. Found in the pub or catching bites from Rovers fans.

Darren Shepherd – Angry Daz is a co-founder of our sister publication FanaticHull, a Rovers and City fanzine that is produced to co-inside with the two clubs’ home fixtures. The man who takes pride in digging graves, Daz scribbles down a few pieces for us when he’s not working, fighting or bragging about holidays in Australia.

Dave Wilkinson – Supreme Leader. King of the North. The voices in his head told him to do it. Dave writes all the funny stuff in the fanzine, i.e RL Academy and Neighbourhood Watch. He is also the prime cause of the death threats we receive from a few angry East Hull residents.

Ian Tomlinson – Dad’s taxis have been in operation since 1992 taking the Tomlinson family all over the country following the Black and Whites, whilst his loyalty as a match-going fan goes way back to the 60s.  Ian is our top fanzine seller and regularly brags about it. Occasionally scribbles down a few words for us too. The full package, really.

Rich Harrison – Rich is the lucky sod who emigrated to Australia and the one everyone in the team secretly envies. He lives in rural New South Wales and was there when Benji Marshall excelled himself into rugby league immortality back in 2005. Pommy Rich, as he calls himself, writes the popular Down Under Blog, expressing his Aussie lifestyle mixed with the NRL stories we all want to hear.

Sam Shepherd – Another member of the FanaticHull team, who also sells and contributes to UTC, Sam is the offspring of Daz, with the duo always bickering about who’s right and wrong regarding certain subjects about Hull FC immortality. Sam is absolutely obsessed with kicking supremo Marc Sneyd, and regularly stalks him at his local Morrisons.

Terry Tomlinson – Dan’s uncle, Terry has attended Hull FC matches with his brother Ian all his life. He sells the fanzine at every game, with payment consisting of wine gums and the occasional pint of bitter.

Tom Crosby – Tom has been an Airlie Exile since he left university in 2010. Living in South Korea, China, India, Argentina, London and now Edinburgh, it’s been pretty difficult for him to keep up with the mighty Black and Whites. However, using twitter, online radio, dail-up internet, some very dodgy websites and a hundred programs to climb the Great Firewall of China, he’s managed it. Right now, he writes the gloriously self-indulgent Airlie Exile blog and unfortunately, he thinks he’s funny.