Will.i.am preferred bidder for new Bradford club

The media circus surrounding the Bull’s liquidation has made the popstar, reality show judge and massive media chump will.i.am the RFL’s preferred owner for a new Bradford’s phoenix club.

The three remaining bids come from Jessie.J, a South Wales-based consortium and some random bloke called ‘Gavin’.

RFL spokesman Jimmy Piecliff said: “The thing about Mr William is that he’ll bring a touch of magic to the comp. After Toronto and Catalans we feel like expansion can go anywhere. LA? Thurrock? Axminster? Who knows.”

Previously the RFL has rejected a raft of bids, from figures as desperate as Simon Cowell, Nick off of Countdown and three of the five Dragons (But strangely not the Northern one).

The prospective takeover is yet another flashy attention grabbing effort, that isn’t alien to either Bradford or the RFL, but potentially is far from what the fans, players, or indeed anybody, wants.

If rumours of Mr i.am’s plans to name the new club the ‘Bradford Eyed Peas’ are true, it could have the remaining Bulls fans crying into their giant sponge fingers.

Lord help us. #savethebulls

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