Best of UTC Videos: When Hull FC fans go mental

Sunday was a long time coming for us Hull FC fans, but boy was it worth the wait when Marc Sneyd slotted over that Golden Point drop-goal for our first win of the year. Absolute scenes.

Our video of Sneyd’s one-pointer and celebrations of fans post-Wigan away have toppled 40,000 views on UTC’s social media channels, and it got us thinking of other times we’ve gone absolutely mental.

Obviously Wembley comes to mind, but there’s been a few other moments we’ve captured since the fanzine founded in 2015.

6.. Old Faithful – 2016 Challenge Cup win at St Helens

This is our favourite Hull FC performance of recent memory, mainly because we were so dominant in a 47-18 crushing of the Langtree Park hosts. A win by that margin is unthinkable, with one of the best Old Faithful’s of the season echoing from a star struck away end.

5.. Warrington away 2016 – We are top of the league

We don’t get to sing this song often, so when we do we enjoy it. This was a huge regular season win over Warrington, ensuring we finished top before the Super 8s spilt.

4.. Magic Weekend 2015 – Concourse Party

It’s not everyday you beat your biggest rivals by a record score. We love the Toon.

3.. We’re going to Wembley

Clearly too pissed to hold the camera the right way round but this was a huge night for Hull FC, beating fan-less Wigan who all got lost on the way to Doncaster. Wembley and immortality awaited.

2.. Peter Sterling singing Old Faithful in Wollongong

See above. The dinner for former Wigan player Brett Kenny was ironically dominated by Hull FC fans, who took advantage of a three-hour free bar. Our editor fell asleep in Steelers Leagues Club soon after, but check out legend Peter Sterling belting out Old Faithful. Class.

1.. Wembley 2016 – Marc Sneyd’s on fire

Being in the press box with Hull Kingston Radio allowed Dan to capture this epic video of fans going crazy to the Marc Sneyd’s on fire chant. Incredible.

And of course, Sunday’s video post-Wigan can be found below..

Still chance to get your copy. Our February issue can be found online here

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