Wakefield humiliate Hull FC as top four hopes evaporate

Season over. I think we can all conclude that the top four is absolutely not going to happen as Hull FC suffered an embarrassing 72-10 defeat at Wakefield.

Hull, playing in their abomination of a black and pink kit, were abysmal. Some of their tackle attempts were horrendous. Yes a patched up side, the season was on the line after all, so for players to put their hand up and for Lee Radford to play them was understandable, but it proved to be the wrong decision.

Of those that returned, Joe Westerman went off injured with a reoccurrence of a knee injury, and you could see that Marc Sneyd, Fetuli Talanoa and Jamie Shaul were far from fit. Again understandable. They weren’t due back until the Super 8s, but Hull had to make a go of it, to ultimately prevent the scenario they now face, and that is seven dead rubbers going until the seasons climax. To quote Radford a fortnight ago, its “like watching your dog die over and over again”. That’s what was on the line, a line that has now ended, and with now inevitable falling crowds to come with nothing to play for it’s going to be a sorry end to the season.

2018 really has been one to forget for the club. Injuries have played a huge part in what has been an underwhelming campaign but the harsh reality is the side haven’t been good enough to even think about winning Super League. You think back to earlier away fixtures against the likes of Leeds and Salford that we should have won. We didn’t. Even recent ones against Wigan and the like. Fixtures in which we had enough opportunities to win. But we didn’t. And that’s the story. Injuries can only be used as an excuse for so far. They’ve been a bastard, but it’s tedious to put a spin on a defeat every time, even if the fact Dean Hadley got injured not once but twice pretty much sums up the season.

The reality is the performance at Wakefield was an abomination. As bad as it gets. They was no fight and you could even question the effort and desire. We didn’t even get that. It was pathetic, right across the board, with little to no credit coming out from anyone, and justifiably so. In reality, only Liam Harris came out with his held held high. Likeable chap that plays the game the right way and will hopefully get more chances in the future. But even then you’re clutching at straws.

Wakefield Hull FC

Individual player reviews – what a joke 

It all started with a penalty goal, and from that got worse and worse. The home side scored twelve tries, their own dirty dozen, compared to two at the end from a Hull side that were already heavily beaten. Wakefield named a big pack and the visitors couldn’t live with them. The likes of Pauli Pauli and David Fifita looked like the fat kid in under-8s running through the middle. Hull’s tackling attempts were appallingly bad, with seasoned pros falling off the collusion and going down like a sack of shit.

The tone was set from the off. Errors creeped into Hull’s game and they’re the same errors the same players are making week in week out. Never mind singling out players, you could put a mountain of evidence on every one of them on this occasion. But Jack Logan makes errors every week and is finding week-to-week life in the top flight hard, and understandably so after so long out injured. Jansin Turgut was a shadow of the player that performed so well against St Helens just last week. Mickey Paea was, as he has been for most of the season, not good enough. Jordan Abdull was anonymous. Brad Fash dropped the ball more times than Nigel Wood eats Big Macs. Could go on. That’s just one mans opinion though and you can agree or disagree all you like. That’s sport, although one can struggle to see how anyone can shed any light on that shower of shite. Conceding 72-points on any day is soul-destroying and to do it with what was hanging on the line is even worse.

Hull FC Wakefield

The worst thing about it is that there really was minimal effort. You can’t tell me that Hull side showed any desire. It was pathetic. Credit to Wakefield though, a top eight team yet again whilst their coaches previous employer slugs it out in the Middle 8s. Bet that feels sweet, but at the risk of upsetting a certain chairman will leave it there. They’re a good side though Trinity. No big time Charlie’s. No zoo-themed name suffix either. Really likeable. Unlike Hull, who’s display here was nothing short of disgusting – yes we can say it and yes we support the team. We go every bloody week.

Kind of ironic that the Man of the Match was a half back deemed not good enough at the Black and Whites in Jacob Miller. Meanwhile, Reece Lyne, another ex-Hull player, got the better of Carlos Tuimavave as well, but in truth Wakefield were dominant all over, as the score-line shows. They’ve beaten St Helens and Wigan at home this year, but not in this fashion, although the latter with all their pedigree did lose something like 62-0 here last summer. That makes it all better doesn’t it. Roll on the Derby.

Wakefield Hull FC

Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s defeat to Wakefield – stomach it if you can 

Wakefield Starting XIII: 21. Max Jowitt, 5. Ben Jones-Bishop, 4. Reece Lyne, 3. Bill Tupou, 2. Tom Johnstone, 6. Jacob Miller, 25. Ryan Hampshire, 20. Keegan Hirst, 13. Tyler Randell, 8. David Fifita, 11. Matty Ashurst, 19. James Batchelor, 14. Justin Horo. Interchange: 9. Kyle Wood, 15. Pauli Pauli, 17. Craig Huby, 16. Tinirau Arona.

Wakefield Tries: Johnstone, Fifita, Miller 2, Pauli 2, Lyne 2, Batchelor, Jones-Bishop 2, Jowitt. Goals: Hampshire 11/13.

Hull Starting XIII: 1. Jamie Shaul, 2. Bureta Faraimo, 24. Jack Logan, 3. Carlos Tuimavave, 5. Fetuli Talanoa, 16. Jordan Abdull, 7. Marc Sneyd, 8. Scott Taylor, 9. Danny Houghton, 29. Masimbaashe Matongo, 25. Jansin Turgut, 11. Dean Hadley, 33. Joe Westerman. Interchange: 20. Brad Fash, 23. Mickey Paea, 27. Jack Downs, 35. Liam Harris.

Hull Tries: Harris, Faraimo. Goals: Faraimo 1/2.

Hull 3-2-1 Man of the Match: N/A. Liam Harris can have a point. Rest can do one.

Scoring System: 2-0, 8-0, 14-0, 20-0, 26-0, 32-0, 38-0, 44-0, 50-0, 54-0, 60-0, 66-0, 72-0, 72-6, 72-10.

Attendance: Five thousand and something.

Referee: Ben Thaler

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