Up the Middle #32

Props? Loose Man? It’s all a bit of a myth now isn’t it. They are middles. Middle units in the middle of the park playing Up the Middle.

Every week in this blog we’ll bring you the world of Rugby League as it happens, Monday to Sunday, with the aim of grasping your attention, your bites and your vocal cords – after all that’s what we (especially if you’re a Cas fan) do best.

W/C 29/01/2018 – Last updated: 03/02

Saturday – Touchdown 

Albey Kelly

Saturday – Travel, travel, travel 

A few Instagram shots of Hull FC’s flight to Australia. The squad reached Dubai safe and sound, and are now on route to Sydney.

G’day mate.

Albert Kelly

Talanoa Faraimo



Friday – Australia bound 

The Hull FC squad have today began their journey to Australia, starting at Manchester, and ending in Sydney via Dubai.

27-members of the first team have travelled, and they will be based in Kiama in New South Wales ahead of the historic Wigan v Hull fixture in Wollongong.

Hull FC pilots

Friday – Top of the League

Tounge in cheek, but that’s always a welcome sight.


Friday – Fanzine

Got your copy yet? Head over to our online shop here. The wittiest and opinionated read on all things Hull FC.

Up the Cream Issue 49

Friday – Player Reviews

Our individual player reviews.


Hull FC Huddersfield

Friday – Five Things 

All the analysis from last night’s win.


Bureta Faraimo

Friday – Solid start 

It had its minor hiccup, but that was a decent second half performance from Hull to smash Huddersfield on the opening night.

Fetuli Talanoa got a hat-trick, with Albert Kelly, Jake Connor and Jamie Shaul also crossing for tries.

For our full match review, click here

Moon Giddy Up Hull FC HUddersfield

Thursday – Match Preview 

Not your average preview. An alternative look at Hull FC vs Huddersfield. Click here to view it.

kc sunset

Thursday – Hull FC in Round One

A look back at Hull FC’s last ten opening day fixtures – from light shows, to fog, to romps, to narrow victories and the occasional defeat.

2017: Wakefield 8 Hull 12 – Snow, sleet and bloody freezing. A late Jake Connor try stole the points.

2016: Hull 46 Salford 20 – Lights, drama, action. Not a bad way to kick off.

2015: Huddersfield 0 Hull 19 – “Danny Brough is a wanker, is a wanker.”

2014: Hull 36 Catalans 34 – Crazy game on the opening night. Jordan Rankin scored an absolute blinder as both sides forgot to bring their defences with them.

2013: Leeds 36 Hull 6 – Stood on the western terrace with a laughing Rovers fan. One to forget, although we did go out and get spazistcated afterwards.

2012: Hull 20 Warrington 20 – A result full of promise in Peter Gentle’s first game.

2011: Hull 20 Rovers 34 – 14-0 up and we f****d it up.

2010: St Helens 12 Hull 32 – Amazing Sean Long inspired display, although no-one could see what was going on. Bloody fog.

2009: Hull 18 Wigan 10 – The highlight of an otherwise shocking season.

2008: Warrington 32 Hull 20 – Meh.

Huddersfield Hull

Wednesday – Fanzine 

Introducing Issue 49. Independent, funny and 100% Hull FC biased, guaranteed. Available at the usual spots on Thursday night for a couple of quid.

Thought provoking articles included, on pre-season, Australia, 2018 and general Hull FC topics, plus all the regular features.

Up the Cream Issue 49

Wednesday – Promo

The Brownlee brothers promo vid was shocking, but this one from the Beeb really hits the spot.

Click here to view it.

Wednesday – Radford’s press conference 

A few words from Radders on Thursday’s game, the supporters and selections.


“When the fans are off their seats and behind us they are unbelievable. The knock-on effect that has on the temperament of the players and the tempo of the game is huge. When they sit silent you can hear a pin drop in there so I definitely know which FC supporters I want.”


“Carlos has a hamstring problem but it’s nothing major. Wattsy is exactly the same and Greeny is just recovering from an operation. It’s a great opportunity for Josh Griffin to make a mark and he showed up really well during the pre-season.”


“There is definitely a reward factor in there. I’ve sat down with a couple of blokes telling them they’re in and told them they are a great advertisement for hard work. If you’d have asked me back in October whether they would have been in my starting 17 come the first round I would have said no. The message is work hard and good things happen.”

Radford Homcoming

Wednesday – Hearn refines interest 

Rugby League and Eddie Hearn have been placed together a lot recently, with the latter admitting, via TalkSport, that the sport is on it’s knees.

People have been trying to put two and two together, but Hearn has not directly said he would get involved in Rugby Legaue, although is he is aware of the issues descending from Nigel Wood’s Kentucky Fried Chicken in abundance reign of terror.

“I don’t know the players – when was the last time you saw a superstar emerge from the sport?,” he said.

“The crowds are dwindling, there seems to be less interest from broadcasters and certainly commercial partners as well.

“I just said that we’ve got a habit of turning sports around. Obviously we’ve done it in Boxing, darts is a great example, snooker as well.

“When you’ve got a sport as big and as powerful as rugby league, I feel like with a little sprinkle of Matchroom magic we could do the same.

“Once I’ve made those comments, the phone has blown up from everybody seeing if we can get involved.

“We’ll see – we’ll have some chats and see where it takes us.”

Wigan's new tackling technique landed them in hot water.
Wigan’s new tackling technique landed them in hot water.

Tuesday – Squads announced

Hull Squad: 1. Jamie Shaul, 2. Bureta Faraimo, 4. Josh Griffin, 5. Fetuli Talanoa, 6. Albert Kelly, 7. Marc Sneyd, 8. Scott Taylor, 9. Danny Houghton, 11. Dean Hadley, 12. Mark Minichiello, 13. Josh Bowden, 14. Jake Connor, 16. Jordan Abdull, 17. Danny Washbrook, 20. Brad Fash, 21. Sika Manu, 23. Mickey Paea, 25. Jansin Turgut, 29. Masimbaashe Matongo

Huddersfield Squad: 1. Jake Mamo, 2. Jermaine McGillvary, 4. Jordan Turner, 5. Aaron Murphy, 6. Lee Gaskell, 7, Danny Brough, 8. Sebastine Ikahihifo, 9. Kruise Leeming, 12. Michael Lawrence, 13. Ryan Hinchcliffe, 14. Dale Ferguson, 15. Jordan Rankin, 16. Oliver Roberts, 17. Ukuma Ta’ai, 18. Paul Clough, 19. Daniel Smith, 20. Adam Walne, 21. Adam O’Brien, 23. Darnell McIntosh

Hull FC Huddersfield

Tuesday – Bumper Crowd 

Over 13,000 tickets have been sold for the Super League opener between Hull and Huddersfield, with many areas of the ground sold out.

But despite around half the ground still to be occupied, tickets are limited. Ehab’s legacy..

Tuesday – Barba staying 

To be honest, we’re surprised he’s back, as we thought Ben Barba would be back in the Shire now waving the homesickness flag quicker than James Segeyaro, but he, well his missus, seems to have some morals after all.

Barba considered not coming back to St Helens after spending some time in Australia, Queensland to be precise, the tropical bit, were the wildlife can either sting you, poison you or eat you alive. Should probably stop looking at Aussie snakes with our trip looming closer…

“I jokingly mentioned it to the missus and she gave me a clip around the ear and told me to get on the plane with the kids. I’d made a promise to the guys at Saints that I was definitely coming back”  Barba told the Mirror.

“For them to take on my suspension last year, to sit out those 12 games and then be able to play again meant something to me. It showed I meant something to them as well, and the only way I could repay them was by staying.”

The Shire

Monday – Tipping League

Dont forget to join our New and shiny Tipping League for the start of the 2018 Super League season.

All the details on how to play can be found here

Tipping League

Monday – World is Connor’s oyster  

A couple of weeks ago we said Jake Connor will be an international player soon. He’s that good. For some reason, one or two Wigan fans laughed, but it seems Lee Radford shares similar views.

“Jake will be anything he wants to be. He could be ‘marquee’ if he wanted to be. He could be a squad player with number 14 on his back if he wants to be that as well,” Radders told the Yorkshire Post.

“The talent is as high or as good as I’ve seen in many a player so whatever Jake becomes is what Jake decides he wants to become.

“Jake’s in a good environment to reach his potential.”

Jake Connor

Monday – Unbelivable Jeff 

League Express are reporting that Nigel Wood took a £500,000 severance payment when he left the RFL.

If true then there are no words, except something along the lines of ‘greedy fat twat”

Monday – Opening Day wins 

How about this for a perfect start? Hull kept Huddersfield scoreless the last time they met on the opening day, winning 19-0 back in 2015.

This was a peach of start. Two Jamie Shaul efforts, and a try for Fetuli Talanoa were enough to take the win.

To view, click here 

Huddersfield Hull

Monday – Super League almost back

The return of Super League is almost here, with Hull hosting Huddersfield on Thursday night, whilst over the Pennines, Warrington host Leeds.

Other fixtures included St Helens v Castleford, Salford v Wigan, Rovers v Wakefield and Widnes v Catalans.

Bring it on.

Super League Hull FC

Monday – Why Up the Middle?

One confused FC Forum listener (yes he was of a red and white persuasion), got a little puzzled to the term ‘Middle’ or ‘Middles’ when used in context with Rugby League.

A Middle is your middle unit, which consists of your props, hooker and loose forward. They play through, and defend, in the middle of the field, hence the term middle.

Like counting the number of tries Tom Briscoe scored at Wembley, it’s a pretty simple equation, and considering the East Hull outfits association with the Middle version of the 8s, you would assume they could grasp it.



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