Tipping League Table

The Up the Cream Fanzine’s Super League Tipping League, for fellow punters and losers alike.

Here you’ll find the table for the worlds most competitive league.

Name Team Name Points
1 Dan Tomlinson Albert Loves Nuggets
2 Ian Tomlinson Kill Two Robins With One Charlie Stone
3 Terry Tomlinson Bunting’s Barmy Army
4 Sue Tomlinson Snakes and Satae
5 Paul Campbell Old Faithful Master
6 Jonny Compton South Stand Superstars
7 Ian Thresh Knocker Is God
8 Jake Lennox Back Row Bandit
9 Jack Salt FC All-Stars
10 Matty Scarr Dylexic Winkers
11 David Cass HFC95
12 Jamie Crichton Keep It Simple FC
13 Brandon Dawson Hull White Star
14 Sidney Kidney Sid’s Always Right
15 Adam Edwards Marching On Together
16 Nathaniel Wood Nathaniel’s Giants
17 Kevin Deighton Farball Coating
18 Dean Bolton Tackle! Tackle! Tackle!
19 Callum Thompson Faraimo’s Flyers
20 Mark Smith Old Faithful
21 Colin Wooldridge Tongan Mafia 2
22 Callum Smith The Polar Express
23 Sarah Lynn The Manu Can’t Be Mau’ed
24 Graham Middleton Satae Chicken Balls
25 Sam Nickolay Ligi Winners
26 Dan Clipson Airlie Bird Catches The Worm
27 Rich Harrison Pommy Rich
28 Jim Buckley West Stand Believer
29 Sarah Weston Sweet Sassy Molassy
30 Steve Swain Range Roamers
31 Ian Freeman Freebie’s Sikas
32 Alex Edwards Xela FC
33 Jacob Edwards Jacob Star
34 Darren Edwards Dazzlers
35 Chris Mooney Anlaby Roader
36 James More Tackle 52
37 Kevin Seddon Goxhill Bees
38 Lewis Akkas Better Call Shaul
39 Darren Rose Highfield Airlie Birds
40 Tom Thorp Carlos’ Bicep
41 Liam Dearing Bragging Rights
42 Daz Rosey Rodger’s Dodgers
43 Matty Ross Specsavers FC
44 Jordan Goundry Spongebob
45 James Bakewell The Village Idiot
46 Trevor Gibbons FC UF 1865
47 Paul Stockman Sneyd and Sao Satae Skewers
48 Wayne Holiday Holiday’s Heroes
49 Andy Burton Jones Offloads to Shaul
50 Ray Lamswood Rushmore Boulevard
51 Richard Kirk Airlie’s Braves
52 Curtis Grundy Norfolk In Chance
53 Ben Williams FC For Me!
54 Josh Goldspink Goldy FC
55 Logan Smith FC Barmy Army
56 Jack Fethon Black and Whites
57 Paul Bunting Bunts Bawa
58 Brandan James Since 1985
59 Mark Chatwin Boulevard Bombers
60 Jo Williams Selby Black and Whites
61 Adam Lamping The Mighty Kites
62 Ashley Chapman Tackle 52
63 Darren Alsop East Hull is Black and White
64 Paul Roberts Black and White Yellow Belly
65 Elliot Dexter This Carlsberg’s Rubbish
66 Mike Parker Slam Dunk Champions
67 Tim Mennell Cott Raiders

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Last updated: 24/01/2020

For 2019’s final table, click here

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