Thirteen things we learned from the 2017 Man of Steel voting

Here at Up the Cream! we love a giant ‘data dump’, and the RFL did just that when it released a huge list of ‘who voted for who’ for this year’s Steve Prescott Man of Steel award.

Castleford’s Luke Gale won the prestigious award, but here’s thirteen more things we learned from the data.

1.. Cas know who beat them

Hull FC beat the Grand Finalists three times in 2017 and ironically every single Castleford player baring Jake Truman voted for at least one Black and White in their top three.

Mahe Fonua was voted for 13 times, with Albert Kelly coming in with 12. Cas players also voted for Marc Sneyd, Liam Watts, Scott Taylor and Gareth Ellis.

2.. Hull players were voted for a lot! 

Whether it be Kelly, Fonua, Ellis, Sneyd, Watts or anyone else, Hull FC players were voted for 246 separate times.

Around a quarter or so of all votes.

3.. Carlos! 

Hull FC’s Carlos Toooooomavave voted for Dominic Peyroux. Didn’t Radders tell you not to vote on Mad Monday?

4.. On a free

Albert Kelly was voted for 92 times. Yes, that means 92 different players placed the maverick Aussie in their top three. Some season for the free transfer.

5.. Jason Batieri’s been on the banter bus

There’s always one isn’t there. Batieri’s Man of Steel votes look they were decided after a three day binge on Blackpool pleasure beach. Joe Philbin? Come on man. It gets better too. He also voted for Antoni Maria and Todd Carney. Whatever Jason is on, we want some.

6.. And whilst we’re on the banter bus. Here’s Warrington winger Kevin Penny’s votes..

1st choice: Zeb Taia| 2nd choice: Kallum Watkins |  3rd choice: Paul Aiton

7.. Ross Osborne has sobered up

The teenager voted for Dane Tilse last season. This year’s choice of David Fifita is a much wiser option…

It gets better too. Ross also voted for Luke Gale and Zak Hardaker. Respectable.

8.. Mahe of Steel 

Man of Steel Luke Gale and runner up Zak Hardaker both voted for Mahe Fonua. Great recognition for the winger to be voted by the two best players in the comp.

9.. The breakdown of what votes Hull players got.. 

Kelly: 92

Fonua: 54

Ellis: 29

Sneyd: 28

Watts: 20

Taylor: 6

Houghton: 5

Manu: 4

Michaels: 1

Talanoa: 1

President Trump: 1

10.. Vote for Donald 

Yes, Hull FC’s Danny Washbrook got a vote. Then again Tom Lineham was always a strange one.

11.. Briscoe knows 

He’s probably still having nightmares about what happened at Doncaster, so there’s no surprise Tom Briscoe voted for Marc Sneyd as Man of Steel. Sneeeeeeyyyddddddd.

12.. Five votes for Houghton

Last year he won the award but this year he picked up just five votes. Jacob Miller, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Matty English, Niall Evalds and Jordan Rankin all voted for the Hitman.

13.. And as for these muppets..

Jake Mamo voted for Kurt Gidley, whereas Jake Truman voted for Will Maher and Ash Handley voted for Alex Foster. We get that your mates and you’ve all got the same shit haircuts, but come on lads..

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