The Round Up: #12 The Night Before Christmas, with Bobby Bubbles!

The Round Up Review, Christmas Edition: It’s undoubtedly a sign of advancing years, but can it really be a year since the start of the fanzine?! Crikey. A year filled amply by Minichiello’s go-forward (and thighs), the customary highs and lows of wins at Saints and a loss to Wakefield, and ending with the fans still holding our breath for Frank the Tank to land on UK soil. The rumours of Michael Crocker being spotted in Hessle and Paul Sculthorpe’s name being sprayed onto a deVries Honda are the stuff FC off-seasons are made of.

One thing that’s really struck me this year, though, particularly in the off season, is the renewed emphasis on our community links. The Fanbassadors scheme has gone from strength to strength with increasing membership and praise as leading edge by the RFL. Access to players has rarely been better, whether via phone calls to fans, shirt promotion events or attendance at multiple junior RL presentation evenings. The Community Champions day, pantomime, fans forum and members’ meetings are all encouraging signs that a club once criticised for remoteness is doing its best to reconnect with its fanbase. The figurehead has for this has definitely been Feka Paleaaesina who’s really lead the way, making hospital visits and engaging with fans on social media in addition to his regular community work. A superb ambassador for the black and whites.

With little news to discuss and still 5 weeks until we kick off v York, then, I thought a tongue-in-cheek festive parody of our beloved neighbours Christmas party, with a central role for August legend Bobby Bubbles, might be in order this month. A very Merry Christmas to you all! (with the condition that your Christmas cards are a robin-free zone!).

bobby bobbles
A message to Nil and co: If you’re still a bit bitter, it’s probably best to turn a blind eye to this, lots of love, Bobby.

Hull FC

The Night Before Christmas, with Bobby Bubbles

Twas the night before Christmas, and out in East Hull

The Hull KR party had slumped to a lull

The buffet’d been hijacked by stout Maurice Blair

Who’d shovelled down missing Campese’s full share

Hull FC

Bobby Bubbles, as ever, had been the star guest

To make balloon animals, as a clown dressed

His sculpting career sadly took a lewd knock

Mishearing requests for a “red and white croc”

Hull FC

The homegrown players huddled round a candlestick waxy

All four of them! (they must have come in a taxi)

Large crowds of rich Aussies meanwhile filled the hall

The quota rules bent to make room for them all

Hull FC

Up onto the stage staggered Hudgell and Smithy

A speech on the year, the “spin” a bit iffy

“Success reaching Wembley and topping the table”

Our Bubbles though was having none of this fable

Hull FC

“I don’t want to poop on your party but stress

Beating Fax isn’t really a blinding success

The derbies (with Morgan) perhaps once were fun

But the score under Radford and Chester’s 3-1!

Hull FC

A Magic weekend shipping 46 points

Total ownage by Leon Pryce’s “creaking joints”

Your Wembley shambles compounded the woe

With comedy handling and 5-try Briscoe

Hull FC

A record defeat, a high profile beating,

Dismantled academy, and next year meeting

A front row of Taylor and Watts, what a gift

Those two can certainly put in a shift.

Hull F

So have a word fellas, wake up, smell the coffee,

Your flimsy pack can’t break a tackle for toffee”

As he left, the room muttered “He’s right – we are screwed!”

Even Organo Gold couldn’t lighten the mood.

hULL fc

Bobby’s timely reminders of lack of progression

Alas had increased the mood of depression

And his distant shout heard made them gloomier still:

“Merry Christmas and here’s to your gift “fifty-nil”!”

50 nil though!

hUL fc

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