Super League structure to change again

The soap opera that is Super League will once again change its structure from 2019 onwards – with the Super 8s set to be scrapped.

However this year’s current model will see out the season, and any promotions or relegation’s delivered from the controversial concept will stand, something which could come to fruition arguably this year more than ever, especially if the Wolverines and Frogs have any say about it.

The big news is that from 2019, the competition will go back to the simplicity of one up and one down, the most straight forward way of promotion and relegation – but the final details of the new structure, particular what happens at the top end involving clubs like Hull FC, are yet to be confirmed.

New Super League chief executive Robert Elstone, formerly of Everton Football Club, was in attendance at a press conference today, his first since starting his new job eight days ago.

The decision to scrap the Super 8s was apparently in favour by every club baring Leeds, with Uncle Kath’s mister spitting his dummy out below.

Ian Lenegan meanwhile hits the nail on the head – the Super 8s, despite the comedy value certain MPG fixtures have given us, have their flaws, with attendances for one a big issue for a lot of clubs.

Heres what the clubs chairmen and Super League’s new chief had to say:

Ian Lenegan – Wigan Warriors 

“We are not in any way breaking away from the RFL. The RFL is the governing body for rugby league. We don’t believe the Super 8s work. We do not believe it is producing the right commercial returns. We have to conclude a new structure to put in place for next year.”

Translation: The RFL are a set of rectums and we don’t feel they are doing their job properly. We’re not making enough money and I need something else to pay back Sam Tomkins’ salary. 

Gary Hetherington – Leeds Rhinos

“Today’s announcement regarding plans for next season appear to be an absurd grab for power for the game by a small group of men who think they own the game.

“Leeds Rhinos are not party to this and are totally against the creation of a separate Super League executive. The game is in need of strong leadership from Brian Barwick and his Board of Directors at the Rugby Football League.”

Translation: I’m spitting my dummy out because I’m not getting my own way, and I hope Brian will listen to me and give me what I want. Wah. Wah. Wah. 

Adam Pearson – Hull FC 

“Robert is someone I know very well. He is an astute, diligent and hardworking individual with a genuine passion for our sport, who has proven success in his previous roles.

“Robert is held in the very highest regard and was a standout candidate for us. He shares our vision for Super League, the sport and what can be achieved through better management, commercial awareness and effective marketing.”

Translation: Robert is 100x more reliable than the tit who previously worked in his position. 

Robert Elstone – Super League chief

“From the first day I could really understand it, I’ve loved this sport; what it stands for and what it’s all about. People will challenge me to define my vision for Super League. I don’t find that difficult. We all want, and we all need, a vibrant, sustainable, competitive and compelling Super League, one that sits at the heart of our communities, one that brings communities together, one that makes fans of our game proud.

“The challenge is how we achieve that. That’s about leadership, unity, and a committed and focused group of people who will roll their sleeves up and make things happen. It’s also about being positive and realising we have something special in our clubs, our fans, our players and the game we play.”

Translation: Going to university in Hull was the best decision I ever made. It made me smart. Hull is the best. 

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