The Up the Cream fanzine is proud to present it’s subscription service for the 2019 season.

Subscribing to UTC is the only way to guarantee every copy of the fanzine posted right through your front door, with a saving of £14 compared to ordering every issue individually online.

The fanzine will produce a minimum of 18 issues throughout 2019 with the potential for more pending Cup, play-off and final fixtures.

Subscriptions once again have been capped at £40 for the season.

The Up the Cream fanzine continues to grow season by season, and offers both a humorous and serious look at Hull FC. The fanzine ranges from serious, quirky opinion pieces to taking the piss out of everything from our noisy neighbours to the lads and lasses at Redhall.

There’s something for everyone, with issues on sale for £2 on every Hull FC match-day. Due to demand, a new issue is made available every home game.

If you live out of town, or can’t make every game, then subscribing is probably the best option for you. We hope you agree, and decided to subscribe to Up the Cream today.

The easiest way to secure your subscription is to pay through our reliable online shop.

You can do that here.

Alternatively cheque payments are available on request. Please contact us through our social media channels on Twitter or Facebook, or alternatively email

Why Up the Cream?

To those of you old enough to remember Gentlemen John’s playing days, Broughton Rangers and the smell of staled piss in the Threepenny Stand then this name is for you.

Hull Rugby League Football Club were known as Up the Cream back in the 1950’s due to a run in the Black and White colours of the playing kit when put in the wash. The shirts therefore became Black and Cream hence Up the Cream.

It may also have something to do with the old Dairy Factory on Hessle Road but we’ll leave that theory for another day…

Fanzine Up the Cream