Statement – The sale of the Fanzine

The Up the Cream fanzine has issued the following statement regarding social media comments over the weekend.

One of our fanzine sellers was removed and banned from the KCOM Stadium prior to the recent Hull Derby fixture (Friday 27th July). The seller was located within West Park and was NOT within the SMC’s stadium boundary. He was approached by a gang of stewards who handed him a letter with details of his ban and threatened him with arrest if he didn’t move.

The ban was due to events which occurred on Friday 13th July where the seller in question on this occasion WAS in the wrong, having placed himself within the SMC’s stadium boundary to sell after the match against St Helens.

To then receive notification prior to the Hull Derby that the SMC had approached the same seller at the next home game and despite already handing out his ban, actually threatened him with arrest if he didn’t move whilst he was selling the fanzine outside of the stadium boundary, i.e out of their jurisdiction, was disappointing to say the least.

For the record, the Hull City Council has provided legislation through their website stating the areas in which sellers can sell around the KCOM Stadium – selling in West Park (to be precise opposite Parkers, near the bus stops and near the Airco Arena) does not breach those rules as the locations are outside of the stadium lease. This legislation was given to us by a former employer of the council and has been in our possession for over a year.

Whilst we accept the seller was in the wrong selling within the SMC stadium boundary on Friday 13th, we feel the stadium ban for a former club mascot and a supporter of over 50 years is a bit over the top. The seller was not aggressive, and the reaction from the SMC is completely over the top.

The seller has admitted he firmly refused to give the steward his membership card on request, something which breaches the terms and conditions of a Hull FC membership. The seller also admitted to putting his arm around the steward. There was no bad blood or complaint at the time, and the seller won’t return to sell within the SMC boundary.

Additional to the letter received by the seller from the SMC, James Clark of Hull FC has kindly given further proof of the SMC imposing the ban, so for the record we’d like to strongly advise people this is an SMC issue, and not that of Hull FC.

The fanzine would also like to thank Mr Clark for his co-operation with us over the weekend.



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  1. Keep up the good work lads, Mr Allam is acting like mad king on game of thrones. If the club is not against the fanzine, why don’t they allow it’s sale in the club shop.

  2. Independent voices are what’s needed in our game. I for one love reading UTC and it never fails to make me smile. Whoever writes the Academy bit is very funny. Keep the faith.

  3. I know the seller in question from a few years back and he is a very Dominant man. He would never knowing upset anyone, unless it was during role play. The steward should have shouted the safe word…Believe! Good luck all, especially Dominant Ian xxx

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