2020 Vision

1 – Jamie Shaul – The Hull-born baby-faced assassin speedster with a tache to rival Charles Bronson. If Shaul can develop his passing game then he’ll be one of the best full-backs in Super League. Big set of words to throw around, but his defensive qualities and pace are already top notch. The power of the tache.

Date of Birth: 01.07.1992 | Contracted until: 2020

2 – Bureta Faraimo – Big hard horrible bastard that skittles opposition outside backs in his sleep. Makes more meters than air miles, and given he went to Australia and the United States of America in the off-season, its a pretty big deal.

Date of Birth: 16.07.1990 | Contracted until: 2021

3 – Carlos Tuimavave – Tricep circumference measures the width of the Humber. Silky centre with all the skills to match. Massively overrated too, which is more baffling than Chris Hill’s international inclusion.

Date of Birth: 10.01.1992 | Contracted until: 2020

4 – Josh Griffin – A ready made fans hero given the role he played in Rovers’ relegation a few years ago. Josh is fast, skilful and capable of absolute carnage. An absolute metre machine.

Date of Birth: 09.05.1990 | Contracted until: 2021

5 – Adam Swift – The new kid from Merseyside who has spent his whole career up to date with St Helens. Lock up your houses and don’t leave your bins out. 

Date of Birth: 20.02.1993 | Contracted until: 2021

6 – Jake Connor – Playing in the halves now despite producing world-class displays in the centre position, Jake the Snake winds more people up than Piers Morgan. He’s an absolute bastard but luckily he has the talent to back it up. He can be anything he wants to be.

Date of Birth: 18.10.1994 | Contracted until: 2021

7 – Marc Sneyd – The best half back Hull FC have had in the last ten years, and arguably one of the best we’ve ever had. The Lance Todd trophies do his talking for him.

Date of Birth: 09.02.1991 | Contracted until: 2022

8 – Scott Taylor – Angry looking ginger prop who can replicate big minutes and metres week in week out. Consistently brilliant and now has some quality beef around him.

Date of Birth: 27.02.1991 | Contracted until: 2023

9 – Danny Houghton – The Louie Spence look-a-like is some scooter, tackler and dancer. Great work ethic that won Hull the Challenge Cup. Maturing like a fine wine or cheese. We consume both. We’re cultured and sophisticated like Danny.

Date of Birth: 25.09.1988 | Contracted until: 2020

10 – Chris Satae – Tevita has a nice ring to it, but the big Satae Skewer prefers Chris, and we’re not going to argue with him. He’s a proper unit and will make more metres and offloads this year than Rovers players miss tackles.

Date of Birth: 22.10.1992 | Contracted until: 2021

11 – Josh Jones – More stacked than the Asda shelves before a heatwave, Jones is another intimidating prospect in a formidable looking pack. Hull have wanted him on their books for years, and he’s finally here having spent the past few years at Salford. Poor lad.

Date of Birth: 12.05.1993 | Contracted until: 2021

12 – Manu Ma’u – The Tongan Terminator has only been here five minutes and already he’s scared the shit out of everyone in the North of England. Those eyebrows. That stare. Help. Hard as granite that lad.

Date of Birth: 24.08.1988 | Contracted until: 2021 (one year option)

13 – Ligi Sao – Not quite got the fanfare of other new signings but if pre-season is anything to go by he’ll eat up the minutes, metres and offloads for fun.

Date of Birth: 11.10.1992 | Contracted until: 2021

14 – Albert Kelly – Loves a pint, chicken nuggets, and scoring tries. He cost absolutely nowt too. It still gets under their skin.

Date of Birth: 21.03.1991 | Contracted until: 2020

15 – Joe Cator – A new signing that has moved up in the world, moving to his boyhood club via Leigh after coming through the ranks of those less fortunate. A right workhorse that adds plenty of energy to the squad.

Date of Birth: 15.06.1998 | Contracted until: 2019

16 – Jordan Johnstone – The latest Cumbrian in the Hull FC ranks, Johnstone looks like a handy little hooker, and not the ones you see on Witham on a Friday night. Cumbrians are usually right grafters, and this one is willing to learn. A great combination. Just stay away from Witham, lad. 

Date of Birth: 24.05.1997 | Contracted until: 2022

19 – Masimbaashe Matongo – He came from Zimbabwe to play for the FC. Needs a massive year. Must kick on, take every opportunity he gets, and forfil that early promise.

Date of Birth: 15.05.1996 | Contracted until: 2021

20 – Brad Fash – The Bullhead has enough Super League experience in his locker now to take the next step. Still the angriest person on the planet.

Date of Birth: 24.01.1996 | Contracted until: 2021

21 – Jordan Lane – Went under the radar in his early days thanks to a serious knee injury, but he’s outlived all the other back rowers from his Academy days and is a quality player. Up the Lane Train.

Date of Birth: 20.10.1997 | Contracted until: 2020

22 – Josh Bowden – Used to be nicknamed ‘Back Tits’ but now has rig to rival any. A massive part of the two Cup wins, but now coming from back from a serious ACL injury and needs a big year. Class is permanent though, remember that.

Date of Birth: 14.01.1992 | Contracted until: 2022

23 – Andre Savelio – Proper lad this one, but he lost us at Fortnight. Dr Dre has had a sublime pre-season and looks ready to crush some skulls this year. He’ll be a revelation.

Date of Birth: 21.03.1995 | Contracted until: 2021

24 – Mahe Fonua – The Beast with the Golden Teeth. They say you should never go back, but when your chemistry is as good as Mahe Fonua and Hull FC then why wouldn’t you. Not dropping the a text anytime soon, though.

Date of Birth: 24.12.1992 | Contracted until: 2022

25 – Connor Wynne – Another Hull-born baby-faced assassin full back. Quite literally. Get on the wrong side of this one and he’ll windmill you Rocky Ballboa style. Just ask that Featherstone lad. Must have watched the cup game. Nutter.

Date of Birth: 15.01.2001 | Contracted until: 2021

26 – Kieran Buchanan – The most important thing for Kieran and Radford this year is to find his best position and stick to it. Another hard working local lad whose sole ambition is to play for Hull FC. You’ve got to love that.

Date of Birth: 26.01.1998 | Contracted until: 2020

27 – Liam Harris – Boyhood Hull FC fan that vividly celebrated his debut try against his old club. Just happened to be the tin pot side over the river. Scenes. Really got to take chances this year.

Date of Birth: 20.04.1997 | Contracted until: 2020

28 – Lewis Bienek – Remember the London highlight reel when his signing was first announced. He was skirling people for fun. Hopefully that’ll be the case again soon. Needs a big year on loan at Leigh.

Date of Birth: 11.04.1998 | Contracted until: 2021

29 – Gareth Ellis – Not the captain anymore, but still a leader and undoubtedly a legend. The old war horse turns 39-years-young in May, in fact he’s old enough to be Connor Wynne’s dad, but he still gets a sheer satisfaction in bending an opposition player in half. What a bloke.

Date of Birth: 03.05.1981 | Contracted until: 2020

30 – Jack Brown – Massive fan of Brownie. He has the heart of a lion, quite literally as his chest is about as wide as he is tall. Loads of potential and will hopefully show it when he gets his opportunity.

Date of Birth: 25.06.2000 | Contracted until: 2021

31 – Cameron Scott – Signed from Bradford, Cameron is tipped to make a big impact in the game. He’s a defensively astute centre which is a rarity for someone of his age, but something that will make him good pals with Radders. On loan at Leigh for the year.

Date of Birth: 07.10.1999 | Contracted until: 2022

33 – Ratu Naulago – The Fijian Flyer has an abundance of pace and had his own personal try of the season competition last year. He’s raw, really raw, but he’s absolutely lethal.

Date of Birth: Unknown, but he is apparently 27 | Contracted until: 2020

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