Up the Cream Issue 113


Product Description

Our seventh issue of 2022, Up the Cream 113 is a nostalgic belter.

Packed as always with 40-pages of Hull FC content you won’t see anywhere else, we take a look at the incredible year of 1982, including Hull’s magnificent Challenge Cup win over Widnes, and the “Invincibles” Kangaroo Tour that revolutionised rugby league.

We’ve got pieces on growing up as a kid in the 80s, a recollection of the ‘82 final and replay, the cup run in its glory, and so much more.

All the regular bits like the Rugby League Academy, Down Under Blog, and the wits of wisdom of Enid are included, there’s something for everyone, and the price is still only £2 a copy.

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The option to subscribe is there as well.

Thanks for all your support and come on you Ull.


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