Up the Cream Issue 107


Product Description

Our first issue of 2022, Up the Cream 107 is packed as always with 40-pages of independent Hull FC content.

Opinionated as ever, we’ve got pieces on 2022 expectation, pre-season feels, optimism(?), the current injury situation, and more.

Elsewhere there’s a look at rugby league in the UK, as well as pieces on the new professional club in Cornwall, comparisons with Carlisle, and the successful 2025 French World Cup bid.

The new City owners, Tom Briscoe, Johnny Whiteley and Frank Pritchard are also mentioned.

All the regular bits like the Rugby League Academy, Down Under Blog, and Enid are included, there’s something for everyone, and the price still only £2 a copy.

We’ve also got our pin badges for sale. Check out our online shop.

The option to subscribe is there as well.

Thanks for all your support and come on you Ull.



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