Up the Cream Issue 106


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Our thirteenth and final issue of 2021, Up the Cream 106 is packed as always with 40-pages of independent Hull FC content.

Its been sixty years since Clive Sullivan made his Hull debut against Bramley. We’ve written loads on Clive before, and we didn’t want to repeat ourselves, so we thought where does he stand amongst Hull’s greatest?

And there we have it, this issue has a belting feature on what we think are the twenty greatest ever Hull players. Including Knocker, John, Clive and Billy, there’s someone from every era, and it makes for great reading.

Opinionated as ever, we’ve also got pieces on 2022 expectation, history comparisons, falling attendances, and on building for the future.

And for those that just can’t get away from nostalgia, Enid delivers another belter on Christmas Day Derbies and rugby league of yesteryear.

Elsewhere, Brian, now into his 80s and still going strong, has put together a banger with his thoughts on the current squad.

The Down Under Blog is also on point, showcasing what’s happened at the Melbourne Storm, plus a couple more NRL based car crashes.

All the regular bits are included, there’s something for everyone, and the price still only £2 a copy.

We’ve also got our pin badges for sale. Check out our online shop.

Thanks for all your support and come on you Ull.


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