Schofield blocks toilet for the 5th time this week

Ex-Hull and Leeds stand-off Garry Schofield has backed up his u-bend for the 5th time this week, a local plumber can reveal.

The plumber, Joe Slash, said: “We’re sick of going to his place to be honest. I think he’s got us on speed dial. I mean, it’s good money like, but we’ll be on his Christmas card list at this rate.

“He’s so full of shit that bloke, we have to bring in industrial machinery at least once a month. Like, what the hell can he possibly be eating?”

The biblical turncoat and professional contrarian made waves with his scathing criticism of Hull FC stand-off Marc Sneyd on Yorkshire Radio’s ‘Last Tackle’ programme. This prompted a no-nonsense, expletive-fuelled, response from the Hull FC coach Lee Radford.

Sneyd’s performance against Huddersfield on Thursday night produced a hattrick, a 100% kick-rate and a number of key offloads – plus the Man of the Match accolade.

It’s unknown as to whether Schofield has now sufficiently emptied himself to pop down to Hull’s training ground and take up Radford’s offer of passing contest with the Hull starlet.

Meanwhile, many Hull fans hoping he can gee up some other players before the St Helens game next week.


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