Rovers celebrate bizarre landmark birthday

Hull’s second-oldest rugby league club celebrated its 135th birthday this week, in a move described as ‘bizarre’ by basically everyone; except for those involved.

The club, which knocked about playing rugby union and merged with Anlaby Soccer Club before even joining the Northern Union, is celebrating the important landmark – which was recently invented by their marketing department.

Sports historian Dr Glenn Truffle said: “Well, we’re used to 50, 75 or 100 year celebrations. Also, 150 years is even possible, if you have the pedigree of say a Stoke City, a Notts County or a Hull FC.”

The occasion, know as a ‘Lambrini Jubilee’ will see the Robins play in a new dramatically ugly kit and replace their old badge with their older one.

“I think it’s brilliant. I mean, as an East Huller I never thought I’d live to see the big 63, but here I am, 64 in a week and seeing my rugby team hit the big 135. These are halcyon days.

“Except for being in the championship, of course,” said Rovers fan Desmond Clapp.

The change of badge has also been welcomed by many in the sport, as it previously gave off the impression of a Hull FC badge on a knock-off kit bought at a Turkish market.


[Words Tom Crosby]


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