RFL criticised for not repairing their Bennettbot-2000

Rugby League’s governing body the RFL have received widespread criticism for failing to reboot their shiny new coaching robot, after England’s mediocre performances in the Four Nations tournament.

The droid was about as chatty as a Rovers fan post-relegation in its first two media interviews.

Daveo Davids, a technician at the Australian robotic theme park ‘WesternSuburbsWorld’, was quoted from Sydney following the Scotland match last week: “They didn’t even put in a service request. His empathy code was all over the place and he could barely move his face. It’s a massive malfunction.

“When our flagship model, the Clinton MKII, started to splutter a month or so ago, they had us flown out to New York that evening.”

The RFL’s computer expert, Jeff Bytethwaite, said: “What do you want from me? How can you CTRL + ALT + DEL on a man like?”

It’s understood that IT experts have already pre-loaded the chrome monk’s stock responses for when his England side get bladdered by Australia at the weekend.


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