Marc Sneyd’s 32 Hull FC drop-goals

The man for the big occasion, nothing is more symbolic with Hull FC these days than a swing of Marc Sneyd’s left boot.

So cool under pressure he could sell ice to an Eskimo, Sneyd landed the club record breaking drop goal earlier this year.

When it matters most. One swing. Boom. You know the drill. It’s his moment. Time and time again.

1.. Huddersfield away, 2015. Sneyd’s boot rounded off an impressive 19-0 win on his Hull FC debut.

2.. Catalans home, 2015. A sweetly struck one pointer in a much needed 33-22 win.

3.. Warrington away, 2015. There was a lengthy stoppage with the hooter already gone. One play. One chance. An age of time went by. Pressure is on. Except Marc Sneyd doesn’t know pressure. Hull win 27-26, Chris Hill sheds a tear, and the away end goes mental.

4.. Widnes away, 2015. Calm and composed in a decent Thursday night (obviously) 12-25 win at Widnes.

5.. Wakefield home, 2015. Hull’s form had stuttered and a Sneyd drop goal was needed to rid some nerves in a 31-24 victory.

6.. Castleford home, 2015. Brad Fash’s first team debut. Another swing of the left boot helped the cause for a 21-18 win.

7.. Wigan home, 2016. Sneyd got one, but Matty Smith got two. First one in vain as Wigan edged it 25-26.

8.. St Helens away, 2016. A forty metre peach. Hit like it’s nothing. It’s Marc Sneyd though. You beauty. Hull won 16-17.

9.. Huddersfield home, 2016. Rubbing salt into the Giants wound. This was Hulls fifth win in a row and the side would soon be flying. 37-20 winners here.

10.. St Helens away, 2016. Marc Sneyd masterclass in the Challenge Cup. Sounds familiar. A drop goal kept the scoreboard ticking as Hull ran riot winning 18-47.

11.. Warrington away, 2016. Huge game this at the top of the table and that left boot proved vital in a 12-19 victory. Chris Hill cried again.

12.. Leeds home, 2016. Another in vain as the Whinos won 15-20.

13.. Widnes away, 2017. Crazy comeback. 22-0 down. The icing on the cake of a 22-33 win.

14.. Leeds away, 2017. Hull were leading 0-7 after this effort but the Whinos always clawed it back at Headingley. Bastards. They won 10-7.

15.. Leeds cup, 2017. Cup semi masterclass. The Whinos were destroyed in a 43-24 win. Wembley awaited.

16.. Wakefield home, 2017. One of the most important, Sneyd’s boot ensured Hull had one foot in the top four after a 19-18 Super 8s win.

17.. Warrington home, 2018. Running down the clock following a bad tempered 21-12 win against Warrington where both Declan Patton and Liam Watts saw red. Watts never played for Hull again.

18.. Wakefield home, 2018. Arguably Sneyd’s best one yet. It mattered too. Scores tied. Receives the ball just inside his own half. One swing. Boom. What a moment. 27-26.

19.. Widnes away, 2018. Another Thursday night trip to Widnes. Another Sneyd drop-goal in a 20-39 win.

20.. Leeds home, 2018. Missed three conversions but stepped up to land a drop goal with the scores tied. Always good to beat this lot. 19-18.

21.. Wakefield home, 2018. A 13-7 lead soon became a 13-31 defeat. The season was dead and buried.

22.. Wigan away, 2019. The best Marc Sneyd drop-goal ever. Absolute limbs when this one went over, the first ever Golden Point win in Super League and we all went mental. 22-23. Incredible.

23.. Salford away, 2019. Hull were better on the road in 2019 and this win at Salford testified it. A Griffin hat-trick eased us into the lead before Sneyd sealed a 16-23 win.

24.. Catalans away, 2019. This wasn’t just the drop-goal. More the restart. Then the kick at goal from half way to send the game to Golden Point. Then the second restart. Then the killer one point. These situations are just made for Marc Sneyd. In his element.

25.. Warrington away, 2019. Bad tempered defensive masterclass that of course featured Chris Hill crying and a swing of Sneyd’s left boot. Same score line as 2016 with another 12-19 win.

26.. Catalans home, 2019. Hull FC were embarrassed at the Magic Weekend. Five days later Catalans awaited in the cup. Hull won 51-8 with another Sneyd drop-goal. Madness.

27.. Salford home, 2019. This one looked to have put Salford out of reach at 35-16, but they rallied to come within a whisker at 35-32. Blow the whistle, ref.

28.. Castleford away, 2019. The third game in a row Sneyd scored a drop-goal in. Hull were flying here too thanks to a 18-31 win.

29.. London home, 2019. Comfortably 34-0 up at half time yet a drop goal was needed to settle some nerves. Jekyll and Hyde Hull FC. Ground it out at 35-22.

30.. Bin Dippers, home. 2020. Sneyd had a hand in all four tries and soon added a drop goal to seal this 25-16 Derby win.

31.. Catalans home, 2020. The club record breaking drop goal, overtaking Gary Pearce. In vain earlier this season, as unfortunately Isreal Folau can leap about ten feet in the air from a restart. James Maloney did the rest.

32.. Wakefield away, 2020. Another Golden Point special. Three from three. Never in doubt.


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