Jack Logan opens up on his injury hell

Jack Logan has shown tremendous character over the past two years, and that mindset was rewarded with a long-awaited return in Hull FC colours to Super League.

Once upon a time ACL injuries were a career ending blow across many sports, but thanks to the evolving nature of sports science, Logan was able to recover and get back to doing what he does best.

But that road to recovery was a long one, and there were, given the severity of his situation, doubts for the Hull-born three-quarter to whether he would even return to the field.

Though he did just that, and after getting back to the level he wants to be at, there’s an immediate look to what the rest of his career can hold.

“I’m massively looking forward to my future now, both short-term and long-term,” Logan told the clubs official website.

“In truth, I feel lucky to even be back out on the field after the hell that I’ve been through. I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and I think that has helped me mature, not just as a player but also as a person.

“The things that go through your head when you’re on the sidelines for so long are scary. At points, I considered whether it was worth continuing playing rugby because I kept getting injured. I just felt broken and that I couldn’t be fixed.

“Thankfully, the coaching staff at Hull FC were on hand to take good care of me and I can’t thank them enough for the hard graft that they’ve put into helping me get back to my old self, both physically and mentally.

“I think that’s allowed me to appreciate things a little more in life and that probably contributes to the fact that I’ve matured a little bit as a person.”

Jack Logan

Making his first grade return is testament to him as a player and person, and shows what a tremendous job the back room staff at Hull FC do.

For Logan, he suffered the knock in a Reserve game at Brantingham Park way back in June 2016, and originally he had no idea to how serious the knee injury was.

“It was a tough pill to swallow, so to speak, because I was almost in disbelief that it was actually an ACL injury,” he continued.

“I remember the time really well. I’d woken up and my knee felt a little bit funny, but not too much that caused me to panic because it wasn’t that painful. I thought I must have just slept on it funny.

“I had to tell the physios when I went into training that morning and they sent me off for a scan, which obviously showed the injury. I just didn’t believe it because there was so little pain at first. But as time went on, the pain got worse and worse and it was almost like torture for the first few weeks.”

But now there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and Logan can concentrate on cementing his spot for the trip to Salford on Friday night.

You can read the full interview on hullfc.com by clicking here

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