Hull FC sign free trade deal with Toronto Wolfpack

News that Hull FC will host a small stall of Wolfpack merchandise, before, during and after the clubs first competitive match, has given a boost to the regions Brexiters.

The stall, which will basically sells hats and weirdly minimalist all black shirts, forms part of a wider deal that saw ex-Hull legends Hall and Whiting, and youth product Reece Dean, all head for Ontario.

East Hull Brexit campaigner Clive Outmouth said: “It’s brilliant. Just the freedom this city needs. I’m so glad we’ve stopped trading with Super League EUROPE, who’ve been trying to undermine traditional Hull values, like naming weather conditions after fairs and getting gravy and chips with your pattie.”

The clubs were seen to be a natural fit for each other, what with them both being very well run and into black and white colour schemes.

Torontonian Chad Moosechuck said: “How can you signed a free trade deal with a city in your own country? I’m looking forward to the game in Quebec as much as the next man but I don’t want to buy any of their products or services.

“What, we’re not talking about Hull-Gatineau? England…fuck. I’m not travelling there every week! How’s it even going to work, ay?”

Not to be outdone, Hull KR have been pursuing a free trade deal with Papua New Guinea, that looks to signed the second Article 50 is triggered.

This has prompted fears that their already violent fan base will have an increased access to both machetes and spears.

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