Hull FC Player Reviews: Warrington home

Hull FC put in a horrendous display in defeat to Warrington – with head coach Lee Radford sacked at full time.

Here are Up the Cream’s individual player reviews.

Starting XIII: 

Full Back: Jamie Shaul – Not a patch on last week. Hacked a Warrington kick dead when there was an opportunity to pick the ball up and get back in the field of play. Jones certainly let Shaul know his thoughts.

Right Wing: Mahe Fonua – A couple of decent runs before he was taken off with a broken rib. Ironically the talk in January was how to keep all four wingers happy and now they’re all out injured. Where’s Ratu? How long is he out for?

Right Centre: Carlos Tuimavave – Collectively Hull were poor but Carlos was brilliant. Couple of breaks and never gave up.

Left Centre: Josh Griffin – Busy night and whilst metres were aplenty, breaking the like proved difficult.

Left Wing: Kieran Buchanan – Attitude is pretty much perfect and got a deserved try. Can you pass the memo on please Kieran?

Half Back: Albert Kelly – Some threats but there were also plenty of errors when the going got desperate.

Half Back: Marc Sneyd – Hull lost so he’s useless. It’s all his fault. Just get rid. Please note the sarcasm.

Prop: Scott Taylor – A mixed bag from Tag. Some good carries but some sinister moments too.

Hooker: Danny Houghton – Sadly Hull FC’s captain had a nightmare. Who’s job is it to control the ruck again?

Prop: Chris Satae – On the field for longer but Hull were well beaten.

Right Back Row: Jordan Lane – A key error led to the Flying Pig scoring in the ‘ghetto’ just before half time. Well if he’s referring to the KCOM Stadium then we’re not going to argue. From the off you could hear a fart 100 yards away.

Left Back Row/Right Centre: Josh Jones – Reshuffled after Fonua’s injury. Bit of a throwback for him. Shame it’s not a St Helens sort of throwback. We’re a basket case aren’t we.

Loose Forward: Josh Bowden – Coughed the ball up on his first carry and Blake Austin soon took advantage.


Prop: Jack Brown: Copped a bang to the head but kept going. He’s got something about him has Jack and he is the pick of the academy produced props for sure, even if only 19-years-old.

Left Back Row: Brad Fash – Got plenty of ball and actually ran well with it. One of the better performers on the edge.

Prop: Masimbaashe Matongo – Not involved enough but not given enough minutes either.

Hooker: Jordan Johnstone – Like Masi he needs more minutes on the field to really show what he’s about.

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