Hull FC Fans Forum 17-01-2018

The only show on air for Hull FC fans..

The Hull FC Forum is back on Hull Kingston Radio from it’s winter hibernation.

Joining Dan this week are Ian Thresh and Ian Tomlinson. Here are a few quotes from a range of topics from our weekly hour of rugby league wisdom..

On Danny Houghton’s captaincy.. 

Threshy: “Danny’s in the middle. He controls the game. It was a given. Plus when he threatened to put Radders’ windows through if he didn’t get it then what do you expect.” (02:22)

Ian Tommo: “It’s justified. He’s stepped up when Gareth Ellis was out and now he’s got it full-time. I’d like to see him more vocal now.” (01:46)

Dan: “It was a no-brainer for me but that’s not a detriment to the rest of the squad. There is some names there. There’s some big personalities, big game players that can lead the team around the park. There’s a lot of mutual respect there that helps.” (03:37)

On age..

Threshy: “When you look at the age of the team and then the stability of the team we’re blessed. We’ve got players at the calibre they are at the age they are. It’s been a long time coming.” (09:05)

Ian Tommo: “Our youngsters need to pushing to play at a higher level and they’ve got to do that at Doncaster. They’ve got a heck of a good coach there.” (18:44)

Dan: “The youngsters’ progression was really notable. If you think back to the Masimbaashe Matongo we saw two or three years ago to what he is now, he’s a unit now. He’s hurting people now. He’s hitting that collusion and going forward. You can say the same with Brad Fash. I think they can be relied on.” (19:45)

On Jake Connor.. 

Threshy: “What an exciting player he is – I haven’t seen such an exciting player come through in a long time. He knows every trick in the book. He’s got a bit of mongrel in him, but he’s also got class and style.” (32:09)

Ian Tommo: “He honoured the decision he made to come to Hull and, with the medal he’s got now that he wouldn’t have had at Huddersfield, I bet he’s glad with that decision.” (34:14)

On that special thing..

Threshy: “When we were on that plane they was just switching about. They’re all mates. It’s carried on has that. There’s a special thing at Hull at the moment and long may it last. How long who knows, as all good things do come to an end but at the moment it’s working and we’re reaping the rewards.” (39:22)

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