Hull FC Fans Forum 24-01-2018

The only show on air for Hull FC fans..

The Hull FC Forum is back on Hull Kingston Radio from it’s winter hibernation.

Joining Dan this week are Johnny Compton and Shaun French. Here are a few quotes from a range of topics from our weekly hour of rugby league wisdom..

On Bureta Faraimo..

Johnny: “I’ve been telling anybody who would listen that he was the best thing since sliced bread. He is about as near to a Mahe Fonua clone as you can get, although he has more pace. He’s got a great engine and he’ll work hard. You can see he is a good finisher and it’s that appetite for work. He’s hit the ground running. Granted it’s only a friendly but it was really promising.”

Shaun: “If you remember the soundbites Radders has been trying to get him (Bureta) for around three years now. He’s got the physique but he’s got the moves too. We need that. Let’s give him time to bed in though.”

Dan: “One thing that really impressed me was in the first half with one of his carries. He hit the collusion and his leg drive meant he ended up busting the tackle. The offload then came away to Houghton and off we went again. He’s also got the pace and power to bust and get over the try-line.”

Johnny: “He’s not blistering but he’s not slow either. We’ve got a solid player here. You’ll get an eight out of ten every week. The way he will start our sets off in tan-drum with Talanoa gives us that continuity with the way we play. It’s really exciting, but it’s important people don’t judge him on Mahe Fonua.”

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