Hull FC and Rovers issue joint statement ahead of structure change

Friday is a pretty important day for rugby league in the UK, as it sees many members of the Rugby Football League meet in Salford to vote on a series of proposed changes to the structure and financing of the game.

Currently innovators, having both expressed forward thinking for the benefit of not only themselves, but the game as a whole, both Adam Pearson and Neil Hudgell have issued a joint statement.

That statement voices their joint discontent for the current structure of the game, stating the Super 8s don’t work, with players, partners and fans disliking the system. That therefore affects crowds, commercial revenue and TV figures, something we’ve seen over the past four seasons. It also states their support for the proposed new structure.

Here’s UTC’s more sinister digestion on what was said.

Both Hull clubs overwhelmingly support the proposals agreed between the RFL and Super League Chief Executives and endorsed by an 11-1 majority of the Super League shareholders.

Translation: Hetherington is a prick and he’s been outnumbered 11-1 on the structure change. Nigel’s gone so he won’t be getting his own way anymore.

Super League has guaranteed automatic promotion and relegation, offering greater certainty than the Qualifiers; has guaranteed funding of the Championship and League 1 at existing levels until the end of the current TV deal; and, has committed substantial guarantees of funding from the next TV deal even if the value of the new arrangement is reduced.

Translation: Gareth O’Brien won’t be sending our vocal chords into overdrive with his Million Pound Game exploits anymore, but there is still fairer promotion and relegation, ensuring shite like Widnes go down at the first hurdle. Also, to the little village clubs, enjoy the money while you can, as you won’t be getting it much longer. Muhahaha.

Much needed change cannot be held back by a Governing Body failing to discharge its game wide obligations or a handful of lower division clubs engaged in opportunism, mischief-making and narrow-mindedness. Beyond the end of the current television deal financial guarantees are difficult to give.

Translation: We won’t be held back by little village clubs or an incompetent governing body any longer, nor will we be intimidated by mainly West Yorkshire chairmen issuing statements or engaging in a war of words with fellow owners.

Never has there been a greater unity between the Super League clubs, working together to secure a better sport for all. On Friday we expect the proposals to be endorsed and for the sport to enter a new, exciting chapter in its illustrious history. The dangers are there for all to see if they are not.

Translation: Join us or die (Said in best Star Wars Emperor voice).

You can read the full statement here

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