Garry Schofield rips into Hull FC – and he’s not wrong

Former Hull FC player turned rugby league pundit Garry Schofield has ripped into his old side, following a record defeat last Thursday night.

Schofield tweeted that Hull players were “a disgrace to the shirt” during the 80-10 humiliation at Warrington, and he’s now stuck the boot in again.

The Leeds-born ex-Great Britain superstar has done a grand job of making enemies in these parts during recent times, with Hull fans usually sensitive to his comments.

But surely not even the most blinkered Black and Whites advocate can disagree with Schofield’s latest outburst.

“What has gone wrong at my old club Hull FC?” Schofield asked in his League Express column.

“Some are saying Lee Radford has lost the dressing room, but I don’t believe that sort of nonsense. The problem is the players – they are going through the motions.

“I got some stick on Twitter for saying the players are a disgrace to the jersey, but the people objecting to that need to take their heads out of the sand. How can any Hull fan not be angered by this shambles?”

Schofield raises a good point. Many fans were seething at the full-time whistle, but there was some supporters who refused to criticise, and instead called out those who did, only to agree wholeheartedly with Adam Pearson when he said the same thing 24-hours later. The irony.

Hull FC’s display was disgusting. There can be no excuses, as excuses don’t do justice to that result, and neither does blaming Lee Radford, an opinion shared by Schofield.

“The coaching staff can’t turn this around until the players wake up and sort their attitudes out. Warrington didn’t even have to play well to get the 80 points,” he continued.

“Hull were disgraceful – the lot of them. There’s no point even picking out individuals. The club and the coach have given the players all the tools they need to go out there and win games.

“When they got knocked out the Challenge Cup, having played so well at St Helens, people said they could be dark horses for Super League. Wembley would no longer be a distraction, after all. Those predictions don’t look very smart now.

“Injuries have been used as an excuse all season, but there’s more to it than that. Some players are past their sell-by-date.

“The injury excuse has been over-used and it’s created a situation where the players can under-perform and get away with it because the fans and local media just want to talk about injuries.”

Talk of injuries has been tedious for weeks now. It’s become a cop out, and the players have got into a situation where they feel sorry for themselves.

Their attitude at Warrington stank, and Pearson was quick to echo those sentiments, saying there will be changes.

“I agreed with Pearson’s statement over the weekend that the players, not Lee, are to blame, and I applaud him for wanting to make some significant changes,” Schofield added.

“The squad needs to be shaken up, because the players know they’ll be picked again next week.

“If Pearson follows through with his promise, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll be up there again challenging for trophies in 2019.”

Lets hope you’re right Garry….

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  1. Defeats with cricket scores against,and questionable attitudes from players that appear to be chucking in the towel just isn’t acceptable for a club of our stature. Especially when we have built up such a good reputation these past few seasons with how FC have played and their ‘never say die’ spirit. That seems to have been all undone now with the white flag being waved. Players who pull on that famous black and white jersey need to examine their own consciences and ask themselves whether they have really been given 100% ? It doesn’t look like it to us the fans. We will see what they serve up against Cas,’ and whether some of them have a future at the club ? Very disappointing for a club with the second best support/attendances in Superleague.

  2. Got to agree with Schofield we are better than that result, players didnt want to know,cant blame Radford the players should be playing for the shirt and should not need anymore commitment than that, such as Sika Manu, got his deal his family are settled, so thats ok then.where has the pride and passion gone,I will be there Friday night and just hope some pride appears.

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