Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s defeat at Leeds

Eleven years and counting it remains, as Hull FC’s agonising run at Headingley continues, following the Black and Whites Pinks 20-16 defeat on Thursday night.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. What a debut from Jordan Lane 

To think that was his first grade debut, that was an outstanding display from Jordan Lane. I thought he was excellent, and they’ll be many more Hull FC appearances to come based on that.

The back rower carried strongly, and he ran some excellent lines. His timing onto the ball was terrific and he looked capable of punching some holes. His work rate was very good too, especially in defence.

The biggest compliment you can give him is that he didn’t look out of place against the Super League champions. Early days, he’s only 20-years-old after all, but we’ve got a good’un here. He’s got a big future at the club.

2.. Welcome back Jack the lad 

That was Jack Logan’s first Super League display in nearly two years and he can be at least satisfied with it. From memory I can only think of one error, and for the large majority of the game he was solid. What impressed me the most was that he went looking for work, and to be a winger in a Radford team you have to do that. He carried well and caught a few tricky high bombs too.

Jack brings some pace to the table and if he gets away they’ll be few that can catch him. Testament to his attitude to come back. It’s been a torrid couple of seasons for him with a serious knee injury to contend with but he’s shown some character to get back to this level and perform well. A welcome return.

3.. Abbo and Hadley are the Middle men

Hull FC looked a much better team with Jordan Abdull on the field and for the foreseeable future at least he has to spell the third middle role with Dean Hadley.

Hadley has arguably been our best player this year, but Abbo brought an extra dimension to the attack off the bench. When we got a roll on in the second half he was at the forefront of it. His running game was strong and he is a difficult man to put down – as Leeds found out following his fine individual try. There was the capability to score more too and he looked dangerous throughout.

Abbo’s distribution was excellent as well. He allows the half backs to play wider and this stretches our attack. For now at least his place in the seventeen must be a given. Spelled with Hadley, the position looks potent and is filled by two talented players. There are no superlatives that can do justice to Hadley’s first five games back at Hull. He’s been sensational. Nice to bump into his folks after the game as well to share a joke or two. No guesses to what the subject was.

Headingley Leeds

And as were on about middles, it’s worth mentioning youngsters Masimbaashe Matongo and Brad Fash too, who both look every bit the Super League players. Chris Green was very good on return as well.

4.. Slow start cost us

Hull were slow getting out of the blocks during the play-off game at Headingley last year and it cost us a place in the Grand Final. The same can be said on this occasion, although it was only a regular season game.

You can’t afford to let a team likes Leeds get on the front foot like that. For 20-25 minutes they absolutely battered us. Their yardage was ridiculous no matter where we turned over the hall and they made light work of us. We were 10-0 down by the time we got going. Credit to our resilience which is excellent, we never give in and our effort was superb, but we can’t continue to come here and play catch up.

The positive out of this though is that we never know when we are beaten and we stick with our opposition. That’s a good trait to have, but it would be even better if we were bang at it from the start.

5.. The video referee

Once again the major talking point post-match was the video official. Pro-technology people are becoming harder and harder to find as our current system is an absolute joke. It just doesn’t work.

We don’t have a pop at referees often, but when we see the same tedious infuriating issues every season unsolved, then is the frustration from players and fans alike really a surprise? Interpretations on rules such as obstructions need addressing urgently. There’s the same inconsistencies and farcical situations put into place time and time again that are a hindrance to the game we all love.

Marc Sneyd is not one to shy away from his frustration, and when we have two similar obstruction calls with different outcomes, then such frustration is inevitable. Expect a proper meltdown on Friday morning when we’ve watched the Griffin incident back properly, and not just one or two clips on social media.

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