Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s woeful Magic Weekend display

Hull FC produced an absolute shocker at the Magic Weekend, losing 55-2 to Huddersfield.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. It’s the manner of defeat that’s the issue

Defeats are part and parcel of sport, but it’s how you lose that counts. Effort is the minimal expectation and we didn’t get that. Many fans were left completely despondent come full-time at Anfield.

Losing FIFTY FIVE BLOODY TWO is not acceptable. Those defensive ‘efforts’ for one told you little shit was given, and the lack of desire or energy in Hull’s play was woeful. It was a complete contrast to what happened at Warrington the week before.

Hull have had some shockers in recent times, with 18-54, 24-52, 0-45, 12-72, 10-80, 12-63, 16-62, and now 2-55 defeats all occurring since 2017. There isn’t another Super League side who get shafted as frequently as that, especially one competing for the play-offs.

It’s madness and surely takes a toll on you mentally? You can’t win comps like that. Hull can be superb one week and diabolical the next. There’s no middle ground.

2.. The truth hurts

Hull were accused of being too sentimental with some of their contract renewals for 2019. That statement looks justified based on the results of the first half of the season.

We have players who look good on occasions, Sika Manu, Danny Washbrook, Mark Minichiello etc, all heroes for what they’ve achieved at the club, but sadly who can look woeful on others. That’s probably a reflection on their age and sadly age does a player no favours – unless you’re name is Gareth Ellis.

Some say Adam Pearson did things on the cheap for 2019, but you could also argue we’ve got it hopelessly wrong with the balance of the cap, dishing out big unjustified deals due to fuck ups with the previous sponsor.

We’re getting the repercussions from that now. Apparently Hull are as close to full cap as possible. Surely a full cap team shouldn’t be getting as heavily beaten as frequently as Hull do? That suggests we’ve made a few mistakes.

3.. Consistently inconsistent 

Hull’s results since Easter: Won 56-12 v Rovers, Lost 16-62 v St Helens, Won 30-14 v Wakefield, Lost 6-37 v Catalans, Won 28-12 v Castleford (Cup), Won 19-12 v Warrington, Lost 2-55 v Huddersfield.

Complete and utter madness. There’s no fluency to Hull FC’s performances week by week. We are superb then shite the next, as those results show.

It’s a huge problem. We are literally picking and choosing when to play. A dangerous game. If we do miss out on the five then there can be no complaints, but there’s also the realisation that we’ve still got a few corkers left in us too. We can be sublime when we bother to turn up. Hopefully that will be the case on Thursday.

4.. Ins and Outs

We knew before the season kicked off that 2019 would be a pivotal year both in terms of who left the club and who was brought in.

Hull this season have more than a dozen players out of contract, and right now you’d imagine only about a third of those will sign on again. That opinion is based on current performances, which are perplexing given there’s players that still need to earn themselves a new deal.

It’s a massive year for recruitment and there’s rumours everywhere to whom Hull will be bringing in and who will be let go.

One things for sure we’ve got to go hard. Be ruthless to those who can’t perform week in week out and sign quality – quality like Josh Jones who is an excellent first addition for 2020. Most importantly, back up your words with action. We’re looking at you there Mr Chairman.

5.. The return of Josh Bowden

The only plus to take from the Magic Weekend display was the Super League playing return of Josh Bowden – back from a year out with an ACL injury.

Bowden made an instant contribution to the side when he came on and to see him get through the game seemingly with no issues was pleasing.

Talk will be rampant about players that should be departing the club, but one of those who rightly has his long-term future secured is Bowden.

It was a welcome return for the 27-year-old prop and hopefully he can now get back to his form of the two Cup winning years, which was nothing short of magnificent.

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  1. There has to be an attitude problem amongst some players…it is hard to fathom how a team can register great wins followed by abysmal and heavy defeats ! No other team, as Dan alludes to, suffers such heavy and regular defeats as Hull FC and it is simply unacceptable. It needs to cease now ! Our points against is truly shocking for a team in the top six. Radders, if he hasn’t already, needs to lay the law down. Players who cannot produce consistently should be dropped ! I don’t care who they are because it is making our club a laughing stock. Win or lose against Catalans, performances need to be way more consistent and demonstrate pride in the jersey and some guts and determination. Something is obviously going on behind the scenes that us fans are being kept in the dark about, maybe we should be told ?

  2. Spot on as usual Dan. I agree with every word you said. I am so disappointed and even angry that the team seem to pick the matches they want to even try to win! My spirits rose after that brilliant effort and ultimate victory against Warrington then we have the not so Magic Weekend! I can’t believe we’ re 4th in the table! I guess teams around us keep losing but not by 50 points…… at least some effort could be made! Let’s hope they turn up for the cup match on Thursday and give us something to smile about!

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