Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s win over London

Hull FC got two much needed Super League points with a 35-22 victory over London on Thursday night.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. Have Hull got an attitude problem?

Well the way the two halves on Thursday contrasted, unfortunately you’d say so. Hull were clinical in the first and diabolical in the second. Laterally there was no intensity, Hull went through the motions, made loads of errors, and that’s not acceptable.

This isn’t a one time thing either, it happens pretty much week to week. Hull are great in spells then go completely off the boil. Never mind game to game, Jekyll and Hyde is now half to half.

Take this with a pinch of salt but a fortnight ago Hull lost to then bottom placed side in Super League, and now they’ve lost a second half 1-22 to the current bottom placed side.

Hull must learn to play for the full eighty. If they don’t, then they’ll get found out, and that’ll be down to nothing more than attitude.

2.. The positives

For the gloomy feel come full time on Thursday night, Hull got two valuable competition points, and in the first half they were good value for it.

Hull scored six tries and some of them were sublime. After two wayward attacking performances the direct approach in that first half was welcome. Hull completed well, made good ground and put the pressure on. When they got good field position too they took their chances. At half time you couldn’t have asked for much more.

What happened in the second half is bloody frustrating, but the game was already won, and therefore it would be naive not to credit the first half efforts.

3.. We love a blip

It hasn’t been the best fortnight for Hull, with some players under-performing. You can point many reasons to why that is.

Hull haven’t had the luxury of resting players this season. Most have played right through and now some of them are looking jaded. But rather than look for excuses, are some simply guilty of believing their own hype? The contrast in the good and bad is ridiculous.

Worryingly it’s nothing new either. History tells us Hull go through both hot and cold patches all of the time. The 2017 season is the best example, but it turned out alright. It’s how the side performs when it really matters that counts, but efforts like the second half certainty don’t sit well.

4.. Filling the holes 

Hull’s pack was questioned at the start of the season, and its definitely short on a quality prop and back row right now.

Thats what the club have identified in their recruitment, and whilst props are high on the rumour mill, two quality back rowers will arrive next year in Josh Jones and Manu Ma’u.

Forward thinking, it makes next year exciting, and shows that the hierarchy are doing their bit to make sure Hull evolve.

As for this year, the absentee Gareth Ellis was missed. There’s no leadership quite like the old war horse. Let’s hope those stitches heal up in time for next week.

5.. The table doesn’t lie 

For all the different emotions regarding Thursday’s game, Hull are still sat in third place on the Super League table and are therefore only bettered by two sides. Those two sides have significantly better financial capability too and both possess marquee players.

That’s not bad then. We can sit here and pick out all of Hull’s flaws all we like, but there’s clearly some classy components of the side otherwise they wouldn’t be in this position.

There’s also the small matter of a Challenge Cup semi-final against Warrington at the end of the month.

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  1. Old habits die-hard and if FC do not eradicate them from their game and start playing the full 80 minutes, we will come up short against the better teams. That is a given so it is up to the players to decide how much ambition for silverware they have left in them this season. if other teams can do it, I frankly cannot see why FC can’t if they wish to remain a top team competing for silverware, as they claim. COYH !!!

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