Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s win over Leeds

Hull FC made it three Super League wins in a row thanks to a 34-10 victory over Leeds on Friday night.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. Sneyd silences his critics 

The best thing about opposition fans is when they taunt our half back with ironic Sneeeeeeyydd chants, then it comes back to bite them on the arse when he runs the show and shuts them up. This was such an occasion. Brilliant.

Sneyd’s opening kick was a bit of a shocker and soon after Hull found themselves 0-10 down.

From then Sneyd led the charge and never stopped talking. He’s the half back we’ve craved for so long and his partnership with Albert Kelly is as tight as Han Solo and Chewbacca. Also Sneyd has been a much better all-round player this season, with his passing game complimenting his kicking exploits.

You can just see how much winning Hull FC matches means to him.

2.. Hull FC have their mojo back

That was a brilliant second half of the first half where Hull posted five tries on the board.

The Black and Whites were ruthless. It was the sort of performance we saw in the Cup winning seasons – doing enough to win in twenty minutes with the opposition spending the other sixty wondering what the hell just happened.

Confidence is clearly back and this was some of the best attack Hull have produced in months. Their shape was excellent. It was absolutely sublime at times.

3.. Magnificent Manu 

He’s finished – well apparently. We all have different opinions but some of those were ridiculous on the comment section of our Facebook page during Sika Manu’s contract interview a week or so ago.

Sika is still the mister. He’s going down as one of the best imports Hull FC have EVER had. He’s that good.

Whilst still moving off the field like he’s been shot Walking Dead style, Manu offered so much to Hull’s performance on the field, from his big carries to outrageously good offloads.

He was colossal, proving like he did at Wigan, that he still has this level of display in him. A class act.

4.. Defensive Steel 

Whilst posting six tries on the board was impressive, conceding just the two at the start of the game was decent too.

Hull’s defence in the second half was brilliant. They held Leeds up over the line through Scott Taylor and defended multiple back-to-back sets when required .

When the games already won, it’s nice to still have that desire in defence.

5.. Sticking together 

Despite what happened last year the spirit at Hull FC was never broken. This is a group of mates that enjoy playing together.

That’s one of the key components to a successful rugby team. The players have to be on the same understanding.

Our current head coach Lee Radford has built this. All the team ethics are down to the culture he’s embedded into the club.

That makes us so pleased that so few people were calling for his head during the losing run.

Radford, with the team showing that desire, energy and commitment for him, still has loads to offer Hull FC, and he’s going nowhere.

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