Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s victory over Rovers

Hull FC made it six Hull Derby wins in a row with a 30-22 victory at Caravan Park.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. Tuimavave is the best of the lot 

Carlos Tuimavave has got to be considered one of the best centres in Super League, and we’d present a strong argument that’s he’s the best of the lot.

We were all absolutely buzzing when his new deal was announced and that performance shows just why. He’s class. Carlos’ ability to get on the outside of his man and create some space is frightening, and even more ridiculous considering Hull were down to just 12-men for 71 minutes of the game.

That numerical disadvantage didn’t seem to matter though, due to the Black and Whites moving the ball with intent and getting good quick service to their centres who exploited their opposition. Carlos made the most of those situations, setting up Jamie Shaul for a brilliant try. It’s also worth pointing out Josh Griffin’s performance too. He’s been very good for a while now and continues to defy his critics with strong displays. Sort.

2.. That’s more like it Jamie 

Jamie Shaul has come in for some criticism recently but that was much better. Defensively he was great and the ground he covered to chase down Rovers’ last tackle kicks was admirable. He never shut up either marshalling the defensive line all game and in turn he was in support to get on the end of Tuimavaves break for a fine first half try. That was much more like it from the baby faced assassin.

3.. Ability to come through adversity is special

Hull FC always tend to do things the hard way and they seem to thrive off some adversity. It brings the best out of us as a group and we saw that again in the Derby. After a sending off so soon in the game you’d be forgiven for thinking the worst, but Hull rallied and dished out a performance full of character.

That shows that the teams spirit is sky high and the culture is perfect. We grafted for one another and battled in defence. With the ball there were some real moments of class and with our two strike centres we were always a threat. There’s some questions you can ask of Rovers, especially in defence, but from our point of view that was a very satisfactory afternoon and as long as that desire to win is there, then we’ll be on course to achieve our targets once again.

Hull FC Six In A Row

4.. Video referee needs to go

I’ll keep banging on about this as the concept is just a farce. The video referee is not a benefactor to rugby league, but a detriment to it. Forget your opinion on the Bureta Faraimo call and consider that if that game isn’t televised, then he doesn’t get sent off. Simple as that. Phil Bentham made the call on review. Kendall didn’t have a clue. There’s no level playing field and games are consistently being officiated differently depending on whether it’s on the box or not. How can the competition be taken seriously with that in mind? The more you’re on TV, the more your games are effected. That’s nothing more than faricial.

As for the decision itself the games going soft and I bet the likes of Adrian Morley and Trevor Skerrett are pissing themselves. Common sense please. Was it malicious? No. Was it intentional? No. Can’t wait for the five game ban.

Also worth mentioning that even after a dozen views Bentham still made the wrong call in the Quinlan disallowed try, too. Just bin it.

5.. Great effort from the middle 

Its no surprise that Hull’s fluency improved with Danny Houghton back on the field. He added so much more direction to the side and our go-forward was much more direct.

There were some special efforts. Scott Taylor was brilliant and Josh Bowden and Chris Green muscled up well. Mickey Paea had a real dig too on his return to the side whilst Masimbaashe Matongo stood up well. Our pack held its own and the fact all Rovers’ points were scored out wide shows itself how well they fronted up, which given the circumstances, is a pretty mean effort.

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  1. Just like to say that I thought,personally,Danny Washbrook deserves praise. His work rate was phenomenal,both,in defence and attack. Testament to both his fitness and the Hull fc backroom staff that he continues to,consistently,perform to his high standards.I hope he maintains his work rate until the end of the season.

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