Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s record defeat to Warrington

Hull FC suffered a record defeat at Warrington on Thursday night, with the Wolves coming out on top 80-10. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a nightmare.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. Attitude problem 

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but clearly there’s an attitude problem at Hull FC right now. Yeah games are meaningless and the current situation is tough, but there’s losing, and then there’s losing like that. Conceding EIGHTY points is NOT acceptable. Nobody goes out to lose but there was minimal effort shown at Warrington and there’s got to be some soul-searching after that display with a huge desire to rectify some wrongs.

Going through the motions like they’d rather be on the strip in Marbella is not what we’re supposed to be about. That was embarrassing. Players, despite what some people think, are not exempt from criticism. Our attitude stank and there’s no getting away from it. Take a hard long in the mirror lads, and man up, otherwise rip your contract up and just bugger off.

2.. We’re boring as fuck

Hull FC have no creativity right now and we are like watching paint dry. Obviously that’s a result of losing Jake Connor, Albert Kelly, Marc Sneyd and Joe Westerman to injury. Connor and Kelly are our two most creative players, in fact they are two of the best in the competition, and we miss them massively, but it’s not an excuse for an eighty point defeat.

The players who took to the field are supposed to be better than that. There was no pride in the jersey and no care about their own reputation. Hull FC collapsed for all Sky Sports viewers to witness, that’s got to get under your skin. Surely you’d be embarrassed by that. It’s humiliating. An absolutely disgusting performance.

Hull FC Warrington

3.. Not as good as we think we are

Clearly Hull FC’s strength in-depth isn’t as good as we think it is. There are players that simply aren’t good enough. Mentally we’ve been exposed, defensively we are soft, and in attack we are hopeless.

Obviously its tough when there’s no platform from your pack, but Super League looks a level beyond Jordan Abdull’s capability right now. Liam Harris also struggled, and that was another learning curve for him. In the forwards Masimbaashe Matongo and Lewis Bienek did virtually nothing. Danny Washbrook was hopeless. Mickey Paea was too busy smiling. Bureta Faraimo was closer to joining Peter Pan in Neverland than defending his wing. You could go on. It was pathetic, and it’s not a one off. Questions definitely have the right to be asked.

4.. The other side of the coin

For all the negativity surrounding Hull FC right now, we can take a little solitude in the knowledge that these Super 8s games are meaningless. We’re effectively in the middle of seven dead rubber games and clearly players are treating them like that. The season has been written off.

For your paying customers, that’s pretty much unforgivable. But it also means you can cling onto a little bit of hope that we won’t be as shite next season. But on a more sinister note, it also shows the players right now have about as much mental toughness as Theresa May has ability to dance. Not sure which was more embarrassing. We just need the end of September to come quickly.

hull FC Warrington

5.. Criticising Lee Radford 

If Radford Out has even crossed your mind, then do me a favour. Lee Radford doesn’t set his team out to leak eighty points. He doesn’t set his defensive patterns for the players to lose all self respect and collapse like a Brexit trade deal. That wasn’t Lee Radford’s fault. UTC actually felt sorry for him. No-one will hurt more than the head coach after that display and it tells a lot that he’d probably show more about him on the field at 39-years-old than most of the this lot right now. As a player Radford had bottle, and he never backed down, sometimes to his detriment. But then again a bit of mongrel is what we need.

People have criticised our head coach for saying the season was a write off three weeks ago, and players have shown that in their performances. That’s Lee Radford though. He doesn’t hide behind a smokescreen and he says it exactly how it is. There’s no other coach in Super League we’d rather have.

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