Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s defeat to Wakefield

Hull FC put in a pathetic performance in West Yorkshire, losing to Wakefield 72-10 on Sunday afternoon.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. Rushing players back didn’t work

You can see why Lee Radford did it, as the season was on the line, but rushing back the likes of Marc Sneyd, Joe Westerman, Fetuli Talanoa and Jamie Shaul didn’t work.

They were ineffective and might as well have been on a sun lounger in Benidorm. At least Radders had the balls to take full responsibility for the defeat post-match. Live and learn.

2.. Same errors costing us 

There’s been some players making the same errors week in week out and it continued here. It’s frowned upon by the social media police to mention individual players and it’s not something we want to say, but Jack Logan was bad, as was Mickey Paea, Brad Fash and Fetuli Talanoa.

You could literally single out anyone though, baring Liam Harris they were all pathetic.

Wakefield Hull FC

3.. Harris best of bad bunch 

Easy to like Liam Harris. He’s a good kid. Was one of few of Rovers 2015 Academy Squad who didn’t spit their dummy out during the Magic Weekend mauling of 2015 so extra brownie point for that too.

Liam has been decent for us in Super League. Had a surreal debut and not looked back. Not exactly a compliment with the garbage elsewhere on show today but never the less he never stopped trying and scored a good second half try.

4.. Edge defence 

Hull FC’s edge defence is appalling and has been all season. Wakefield had joy all over the park but the same problems occurred again on the flanks.

Bureta Faraimo comes inside time and time again and it really needs addressing. We were piss poor and some of the tackle attempts were beyond embarrassing.

5.. On to the Derby 

Next weeks Hull Derby is about as meaningless as one can get, but we still need to beat the bastards. The last time we had a dead rubber against them was back in 2014, where we ended up 28-0 winners.

Sika Manu will return from suspension and one would hope Albert Kelly will feature too. The attitude and effort will have to be ten times better though if we want to extend our unbeaten Derby run to eight matches.


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