Five Things we learned from Hull FC’s defeat at Wigan

The record run of Hull FC defeats continued as the Airlie Birds lost their eleventh game in a row, this time at Wigan, as the Warriors edged out a 14-12 win.

Here are the Five Things Up the Cream learned.

1.. A look to the future 

Cameron Scott is only 18-years-old but he gave a really good account of himself at Wigan. There were some strong moments in both attack and defence and he should be pleased with his performance.

For a teenager he is assured in defence and that will serve him well in the future. He’s played half a dozen first grade games in 2018 now, and we think we’re right in saying he hasn’t played with either Albert Kelly or Marc Sneyd yet. Attacking wise it will be interesting to really see what he can do with assured halves but the early signs are promising.

He was always tipped for big things when at Bradford and from what we’ve seen there’s nothing to suggest he won’t be the next success story out of the region – a hotbed for producing rugby league players.

Elsewhere its fair to say Masimbaashe Matongo finished the season strongly after a tough run, as did Brad Fash, and there’s promise in Jez Litten and Jordan Lane, who missed the game with a slight knee injury and watched it from the away end. Sort.

2.. Has Jake Connor done enough for England?

Jake Connor has had three games now back from injury and has had moments of genuine quality in each of them. He’s a class act, he really is, and one would assume he will be in the England squad come the Autumn – pending fitness, which looks to be okay at least.

Having already ripped apart New Zealand once this season, surely he’s the natural choice. You’d think so anyway. Aside from the skill-sets, which saw him et up both of Hull’s tries, Connor has that cockiness about him too. He can get under your skin. He got under Dan Sarginson’s at Wigan for sure, and he’s the perfect section of the armoury for Wayne Bennett to unleash on the Kiwis.

Hull FC Wigan

3.. That’s it for 2018 

Thank god it’s over. Obviously it doesn’t match getting beat at Batley, or an ongoing David Lloyd ownership, that’s a real crisis, but the latter stages of 2018 have been testing for all connected to Hull FC.

Enduring a record run of defeats is what no-one anticipated for this season back in January and it’s a period in the clubs history that no-one will look back on with much fondness. It’s done now though. Finally. The Airlie Birds’ season was effectively over in July and the Super 8s were a slog – and that’s putting it kindly. In reality they were a complete waste of time and to quote Radford, are like “watching your dog die over and over again.”

With that memory fresh in the mind though one is not sure he agrees with our head coach, but we know where he’s coming from. Luckily for all rugby league supporters the tedious concept is no more, with a more traditional play-off system returning for 2019 and beyond.

4.. Fading out in games 

It’s probably to be expected given our first choice half backs in Marc Sneyd and Albert Kelly are both missing (did we mention that already?), not to mention our ball handling forward in Joe Westerman, but there’s been a repetitive strain with Hull FC recently, and that’s poor second halves.

With nothing to play for and given fatigue levels it’s not exactly surprising, but it’s still been frustrating. In the past seven games Hull have been well in the contest at the half way point against Wakefield, Huddersfield, St Helens, Catalans and Wigan, but blew it with inadequate showings after the break.

In some cases we’ve crumbled, and our attack has gone from somewhat okay to resemble cardboard cut outs. That’s been disappointing and is hopefully just a result of the current situation.

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Wigan Hull FC

5.. What happens next? 

The infamous comments made by Adam Pearson after the Warrington debacle still trigger speculation and debate amongst Hull FC supporters. Our chairmen said they’ll be arrivals in terms of both ‘development’ and ‘significant’ signings.

The four new blokes announced on Thursday, Charlie Graham, Andrew Bulman, Levy Nzoungou and Daniel Langtree, probably fall into the latter category, meaning there’s some ‘significant’ signings to come. We’re not sure what constitutes a significant signing in AP’s mind right now but given the timing it would be a miracle if we pulled off a major coup. We can only see what happens.

AP also said they’d be departures and once Jordan Abdull came out with his transfer request, our chairmen even said he’d pay his taxi fare. The question now is will Abdull actually leave the club, and if he does, will he be the only one? Last year was a quite winter. 2018 will probably be a lot different.

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