Five Things – Radford gone, woeful Hull FC, and what’s next

Hull FC were smashed again at home to Warrington on Thursday night and that proved to be the end for Lee Radford as head coach.

But at least there were no bedsheets in sight.

1.. Thank you Radders

Sport is savage at times and the cut throat nature of it is ruthless. Lee Radford will be feeling that right now even if he agreed with the decision made by Adam Pearson for him to part ways with the club.

Contrary to what the same tits who also blew up the Folau stuff have made out, Radford was not sacked on live TV either, although the decision from Pearson to go on air and tell the rugby league public that the coach has just lost his job was embarrassing and completely unprofessional.

The more decent thing would have been to lie to the media, wait for the morning and announce it properly as a club.

It’s done now though. Radford hasn’t lost any of his integrity for us either and should rightly go down as one of the most historic coaches the club have ever had. The Wembley wins and what he did in turning the club around there speak for themselves. The bloke reached legend status.

Despite being on the brink at Wakefield we didn’t think Pearson would have the bottle to make a change so early on in the season. It’s brave for sure, but you can’t say Radford wasn’t backed and didn’t get a chance. It’s not working right now and hopefully in the interests of the club this decision will turn out to be the right one.

2.. Numbers don’t lie

One look at heavy Hull FC defeats over the last three seasons and it’s enough to make you shudder. 18-54. 24-52. 0-45. 10-72. 10-80. 12-63. 16-62. 6-37. 2-55. 12-40. 22-44. 12-44. 4-38. That’s thirteen results that are inexcusable and just not good enough.

Then you look at the home form and it’s now nine wins from the last 26 games. Rancid. We can’t continue to accept that either. Pearson hasn’t and he’s done something about it.

Regardless of your view on Radford, with numbers like that a coach would not last at a Wigan or a St Helens and it is a results based business. Look at the latter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a club legend with a statue outside the ground, if you don’t pick up the results then you’re gone.

Hull persisted with Radford for over 200 games and there were some tough times in there. He definitely got more than enough opportunities but for whatever reason post-Wembley couldn’t turn it around and kick on. We couldn’t dine off those two days forever.

3.. The final straw 

The performance Hull served up against Warrington was diabolical. Those players knew of the pressure and they must have known that it was last chance saloon for the coach as well. To put in that display then tells you a lot. They weren’t in sync with what they were told to do and once the coach has lost the playing group then it’s a long way back.

Radford didn’t deserve that ending though. The display dished out on Thursday night was a complete and utter disgrace. It was tough to watch and it was one of the most pathetic Hull outings in a long time as Warrington weren’t even that great.

Some of the Hull errors were criminal and to be honest they weren’t a first time thing either. Playing a ball and your hooker is having a tea party and missing the end of the shot clock are both shocking errors that unfortunately are the norm these days. Fans have had enough of that crap and it seems the chairman had too.

4.. What’s next?

Andy Last and Kieran Purtill will take charge of the team for the foreseeable future until a replacement is announced.

Some of the names drafted up overnight are funny to say the least. Stephen Kearney is having a mare with the NZ Warriors, whilst Craig Fitzgibbon has no experience of being a head coach and there’s doubt too to whether the Roosters would even let him go. Trent Barrett again is funny. There’s clearly no research done on that front. Just ask a few Manly fans what they think.

To the UK candidates and Shaun Wane is also a popular one and whilst there’s no doubt he’ll get every last inch out of those players and burn out a few egos, he’s like Radford in some ways with his style of play not the most flamboyant. In fact we remember some Wigan fans calling for his head despite three Grand Final wins in six seasons.

With that squad Hull need someone who will let the players play. There’s far too much quality amongst the playing group for another conservative approach. On that front it’ll be interesting to what Purtill brings to the side in the next few weeks. He’s one of the highest qualified coaches in this country and that voice should make a difference.

5.. Jack Brown 

The likes of Masimbaashe Matongo and Brad Fash have over 120 appearances for Hull between them with teenage prop Jack Brown playing just his third senior game on Thursday night. But despite the difference in experience it’s Brown for us who leads the way.

Fash ironically looked better in the back row against Warrington but it was Brown who was the pick of the interchange forwards off the bench with his clever footwork and being a nuisance to put down.

He looks the part every time we see him and while some Hull-born players need to buck their ideas up, this one like Kieran Buchanan whose effort and application is first class, remains young, raw and encouraging. Well done young man.

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  1. How can you expect respect from players and coaches when the chairman does that ? It’s inexcusable behaviour and needs addressing. Absolutely disgraceful. No matter what goes on , on the field we teach the younger lads about respect and humility and integrity and he does that in front of the biggest audience. Shame on you Adam!! No wonder the players have bad days when you behave like that .

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