Five Things – Hull FC vs Huddersfield

Hull FC produced another inadequate display at home on Friday night, losing to Huddersfield 12-22.

Here is Up the Cream’s Five Things column.

1.. League standard 

Hull FC could have gone second in Super League with a win. In fact if they had beaten both Salford and Huddersfield they would currently be four points clear in second. And that’s despite conceding over 700 points with a differential of -75. Madness.

What does that say about Super League? Well it’s not like Hull have been this bad all season. There’s been moments of quality, but the bad has been really bad. The fact though that this team could have been outright second does speak volumes of the competition standard.

2.. Home form 

This point really hit hard after the Salford game, but the numbers don’t lie. Hull FC’s home form in 2019 has been horrific.

Of the thirteen Super League home games played so far this year, Hull have lost eight, EIGHT. They’ve won just five. That’s not acceptable.

Fans are getting sick of it now and it will impact membership numbers. Not everyone goes out of habit, and why would they spend their hard-earned when the team doesn’t turn up on their home ground?

3.. Tevita Satae 

The big man showed some quality against Huddersfield. His defensive contact was good, and his metre making excellent. He made 117 off 10 carries, averaging 12 a hit up. So why was there such a gap between his two stints?

After a solid first entry to the field, Satae was then brought on with a handful of minutes to go and Hull ten points down. Someone please explain that one as we’re baffled.

4.. Sika retires a hero

A positive? Well after announcing his retirement come the end of 2019, Sika Manu made a welcome return against Huddersfield, he was busy too, running for 137 metres on the night.

Manu has been sensational during his time here. He picked up where he left off at Headingley. He’s been a superb signing, and rarely has a bad game. These type of performances must infuriate him.

5.. Holiday mode

That was a dire game of rugby league. It was painful to watch for the majority. Hull defensively were all over the place and with the ball they were flat. They didn’t ask enough questions.

It’s easy to just blame Jake Connor and Marc Sneyd but the current problems go way deeper than that. There was no threat on the edges, nor from some of the forwards who for whatever reason weren’t involed enough. Baring Shaul, Logan, Fash, Manu and Satae, it was shite. No point sugar coating it.

It seems 2019 is a write off now and holiday mode has been activated. A massive shame.

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