Up the Cream – A farewell

After seven years, 115 issues, and many, many hours on the podcasting networks, Up the Cream is sadly no more.

Ever since launching way back in 2015, I have given everything into publishing the mag, updating the website, and producing the podcast, but all good things must come to an end.

Some of it has been funny, some of it deadly serious, some of it complimentary, and some of it critical, but all of it has been from the bottom of the heart.

And what a ride it’s been, from Hull FC’s 150th anniversary year, to winning at Wembley (twice!), to going to Australia, to record defeats, yet always being on the terraces every step of the way. It’s what we do…

I’m proud of what the mag achieved and sincerely thank everyone who ever contributed to us.

I owe so many people a beer and will no doubt miss people off this list (you can have two), but a special shout out must go to my old man Ian Tomlinson, as well as my uncle Terry Tomlinson, plus Rich Harrison, Sam Shepherd, Trevor Gibbons, Tim Wyvill, Brian Crofts, Graham Holmes, Pete Allen, Mark Charlton, Callum Thompson, Dave Wilkinson, Caroline Green, James Clark, Jon Compton, Paul Campbell, Ian Thresh, Matty Scarr, Allen Slinger, Tom Crosby, FC Voices, the Hull FC Vice Presidents Association, and so many more.

Thank you also to every single reader who bought Up the Cream. You made it what it was.

I’ve done one last podcast with Rich and spent my last week of freedom producing one last issue for old times sake. Details will come on that soon.

This Monday I started my new job with the Hull Daily Mail / Hull Live, and I’m delighted to say that I’m their new Hull FC / Rugby League reporter.

I can’t wait to get cracking.

Thanks again.

See you around.


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  1. Best wishes for all your efforts Dan, and the broadcasting about all things Hull FC. Our beloved club. Pleasure working with you, though it wasn’t really work. COYH !!! Brian & Callum. Good luck with your future ventures.

  2. Best wishes in your new job Dan. Your spot on reports were always the first ones I looked for after a match. I would forward them to my brother, a supporter who now lives in Cornwall. I will now await your Hull Daily Mail reviews, hoping to read ‘Player Reviews ‘ and ‘ Five Things’ as well as the general report! All the best and many thanks!

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