Down Under Blog #67 Confessions of a superstitious nut

Pommy Rich gives us all the mis-dealing's in the NRL in his world famous Down Under Blog.

These blogs can sometimes be a bit of a confessional for me – and I’m really not the religious type so maybe that’s the wrong term.

Looking back at the stuff I’ve written over the years, if there is a bit of a theme, its my mood being directly connected with the fortunes of Hull FC. You’d expect that, this is a blog about the trials and tribulations of being an Airlie Bird down under after all. However being a bit of a geek, and having an hour or so to spare I actually looked back at the date I wrote each blog and plotted it against how the club was doing at the time, I’m odd like that.

So, it will come as no surprise to you that the titles of these blogs (which I generally agonise over longer than the actual content) show a rather telling story. Titles like “Rocks and Diamonds”, “The Lessons of History” mean Hull were either doing badly or I could foresee troubles ahead, whereas others are directly involved in what was happening right there and then.

Interesting, but there’s one constant I did notice – the day and time I saved the file is almost uniformly 8pm on a Monday. The thing is – I’m a bit of a creature of habit. I always write these at night after work, and with a can of VB next me. I once almost missed a deadline, and frightened of the wrath of our esteemed editor Dan (he’d have been even harsher on my hybrid accent in print), I *gasp* wrote one at Sunday breakfast time. What a mistake that was, as that very day Hull got tonked by Saints at the Magic Weekend.

Now, you’re sitting there thinking, “now what’s he on about, how can that possibly make sense?”, just rest assured, in my paranoid little brain breaking my usual routine is the reason that Hull lost. I’ve recently moved house and my CD’s got out of order. This caused me to literally sit there for an afternoon and sort through them, putting the artists in alphabetical order then each CD in chronological order    according to year of release. Okay I’m weird.

My DVD bookshelf was even worse – my wife unpacked that box, and the   arguments we had when she put sitcoms next to war movies had to be heard to be believed. So I’m a little particular about the small stuff – some would call me OCD, although I’d rearrange that to CDO so it’s in alphabetical order – and I’m also VERY superstitious when it comes to Hull FC.

My work recently rebranded and when they told us it was about to happen I sat there silently hoping that the new company colours wouldn’t  have any red in it. I was lucky, one of our brands is Black and Orange, the other Teal and Pink. I would honestly have been compelled to resign if I had to wear red and white. I own no Red and White clothing, and that’s my only concession to having CD’s or DVD’s out of order – I will not have red and white next to each other.

I remember one cold bitter Sunday afternoon at the Boulevard back in the late 80’s and Hull were playing Rochdale or Leigh or some other lower table Lancastrian side. The wind was whistling right in our faces on Scoreboard Hill, so me and my dad decided to decamp to Best Stand, and shelter from the elements. We lost of course. I had committed the ultimate sin (in my head) of putting my self before the needs of my club. Unforgiveable. The next week was pissing down and I manfully stood in the midst of the downpour watching on as we won. Yes I got pneumonia, but what’s that compared to a Hull win?

My Pre-match ritual used to be a polystyrene cup of molten metal hot Bovril and a terrible burger from that van at the corner of Scoreboard Hill and Best Stand, and even as I grew up and was legally allowed to have an ale before the game, I’d still top off my Tetley’s with that self same duo of fast food hell – my superstitious dietary requirement. I was glad that I emigrated almost as soon as the       Boulevard was knocked down, keeping that routine in a swish stadium would’ve been nigh on impossible, and terrible seasons of loss after loss would’ve ensued until I worked out a new routine that fate would be happy with. I feel like the fat slightly Aussie accented bastard love child of Jonah and Rainman.

So, to this last weekend and the incredible, history making win at the Pie Dome. I missed it (on purpose) as the last time I stayed up to listen to a 3pm kick-off we got beat, so I’ve sworn off them now. So, yes the win was down to an incredible display from Mint, Gaz, Snake, Sika, Mini and Roland Ratu, but its me you really should be thanking. Selflessly I allowed myself to sleep though the best Hull win in months, as I knew my presence listening to the Radio ‘Umbersard commentary would be the kiss of death. Watching the footage of everyone piling onto Sneyd, of Radders crazily leaping around the touchline, or the rendition of Old Faithful in the shed, makes it a small sacrifice to make.

Anyway must dash, its 7:57pm Monday and I’m getting twitchy……..

Until next time, Up the Cream, Gerremonsard and Come on you ‘Ull.

Rich – Twitter @pommyrich

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