CHOMLEY CLUB ERIC: England, Wayne Bennett, and the Rugby League World Cup

Chomley Club Eric

I hear time and time again that the international part of the game is the main source of growth for rugby league, but how are we supposed to get behind it when our national side is run by an absolute donkey who I wouldn’t trust with a potato gun.

Wayne Bennett is not a good fit for England and the sooner those twits at Red Hall, who have a hard time telling the difference between a shoulder charge and a tackle, realise that, the better. It goes without saying, and I don’t care what happens at the World Cup. Even if by some miracle England manage to win it, and even that looks as likely as Nigel Wood shortening his expenses on his tax returns, my opinion won’t change.

As a sport we have enough trouble as it is in trying to engage people outside of the M62 corridor to give a rats arse about us, and then you have Aussie super coach Wayne disrespecting the media with monotone one word answers that shows clearly he doesn’t even want to be here. I am aware the media can be a pain in the arse sometimes, like their blowing up of Castleford, who after “reinventing the game” all season ended up with a dog dish, yes a dog dish, and then there’s Luke Gale who doesn’t even turn up in big games and resembles nothing more than an average half back with a shit fringe, but when we have a game here that’s crying out for attention, and a national coach who doesn’t want to speak to the half a dozen soles who can actually be arsed to turn up to a press conference, it doesn’t bode well does it.

Then you have the on-field issues, and after picking a squad that even Rovers could compete with, Bennett jokingly admits he didn’t even recognise some members of the team when they landed in Australia, confirming that he indeed picked a bunch of names without watching them first. That’s the proof we needed that the Aussie meffaloid doesn’t watch or care about Super League and that he is about as tuned in with rugby league in this country as Shaun Wane is at keeping up with his diet. Bennett is a mockery of the England team. Picking the likes of Chris “I’m English honest” Heighington, at the expense of England-born back rowers because he deems they aren’t good enough, is an insult to our competition and everything we stand for. The Aussies and the Kiwis may have cheated for years poaching the best talent from the Pacific Island nations and use their skill levels to proclaim that they’re the best country in the world, but that’s not the route I want our national team taking.

There were plenty of other options, but he has his favourites and as it seems with all of the set ups with England these days once you’re in you’re in. You could be a back to back Lance Todd winner that has a history of turning up in big games or a prop that received more Man of Steel votes than any other, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re pally with Dennis Betts and bring him his cough sweets, or sacrifice the best aspects of your game to please an aging Australian that’s all that matters.

The England squad announced for the World Cup was the best bit of banter I’ve seen since Gareth Imincookooland convinced himself he was a rugby league reporter. We have stars left at home, even Sam Tomkins would have been a better option for us in the pivots. He has experience in abundance, and his defence has improved massively, but most importantly he’s an expert at getting in the referee’s ear. Instead he’s left home amongst others who should have been surfing on Bondi and doing daft Snapchat stories for teenage girls to get giddy over.

The World Cup is something to saviour, but England as a collective outfit are bloody hard to support. At least us Black and Whites will have something to shout about when our Sika gives it to the Aussies up in Brisbane, as I doubt England will be there.

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