CHOMLEY CLUB ERIC: Bradford, Hull and District and power hungry morons!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve had a two month break from the fanzine?

Anyone? No? Well basically Dan was doing my nut in about legislation and what can and can’t be said in this publication so I took an off-season holiday to Withernsea to calm myself down, and when I came back I told him to sod off. You see, the whole point of independent publications are for the fans to say what they feel. This is what is so great about Up the Cream because it’s more than just our esteemed and pushy editor Dan using the zine as his mouthpiece. In truth there are several other people besides me that decide to put pen to paper to regularly air their thoughts and rants, and they have no restrictions on what they say either.

We might all be hipsters now and in the Brexit era but we live in a free country after all and I won’t be holding back on my extracts of sheer rugby league wisdom, although our lass does keep reminding me the stress driven from the incompetence of certain establishments at Red Hall and gobshites that think that have a God given right to dictate things out of their control are not good for my health.

Let’s start in West Yorkshire and what a complete farce that whole situation at Bradford is. Don’t get me wrong, I really feel for the genuine Bradford fans. Us Chomley boys have had some great times at Odsal over the last fifty years, and of course more recently whilst Odsal was falling into the ground. going down to Valley Parade to watch the mighty Hull FC. Both grounds have character to them, but the latter is closer to all the curry houses in Bradford City Centre so as you can imagine I was a little teed off when they moved back to the former in the early-2000s.

But enough of my stomach. Bradford have had financial mismanagement’s now for four years. They’ve entered administration three times in that period and been saved by a different clown on each occasion. Sadly now they are liquidated and nothing more than a piece of history. Whilst I have sympathy for the players, staff and supporters, the RFL have stated that any new professional club formed in the Bradford area will gain automatic passage to replace the Bulls in the Championship. How is this fair? Why didn’t the same thought process apply for the Crusaders? They dropped out of Super League in 2011 and had to start again in the bottom tier.

Trust the RFL to mess this up. They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. I’ll overlook the fact they’ve allowed this to happen three times, but they really are setting a dangerous predicament here. By allowing the “new” Bulls into the Championship you are suggesting for any professional rugby league club going bust is fine. You can just change your name, enter the same league, and carry on like nothing’s happened. The worlds gone mad. Or has it? I then ask myself why the RFL would set that agenda. It’s common knowledge they own Odsal and therefore are in need of a paying tenant. You can see their thought process here. Bend the rules to suit us and at the end of the day they get their pay check to spend on pork pies and a new Bentley for Nigel to stick on the expenses.

Also that Marc Green fella has a lot of bloody answer for. Amongst the daily jibberish and hourly checks by the mods to make sure no-ones got their knickers in a knot, there’s been some dodgy rumours on RL Fans recently about his misdealings, and if true for once in my life I’ll be speechless. Then again I am every time I log on to that comedy gold mine as it’s full of idiots and internet security police. Like the local PCSO or power hunger doorman who gets a sense of satisfaction telling you what you can or can’t do. This is England not North Korea.

I guess that’s the problem. Rugby League now is just surrounded by old fools and yes I am one of them. Look at the amateur game in Hull. Sadly for all concerned it’s dying. We’ve had a great success story in new Anlaby Road and FC fan adorned club Brownies Bulldogs this season but teams are folding everywhere. The admin team at the Hull and District league make me look young and it’s about time change occurred. They haven’t got a clue. The game needs to move to summer. I know this is exactly what Beverley and Norland Sharks have done and they seem to be thriving in the summer Yorkshire league. That’s probably down to Lee Radford running the show at stand-off and Scott Taylor coaching. Yes Radders as a half back. I must get down and see that in 2017, maybe I still have a career on the wing after all.

The problem is they are too reluctant to step down. That’s what power does to you. You sit all cosy in your high chair and when something doesn’t go your own way the toys come out of the pram. Thatbin a nutshell, is Rugby League’s biggest problem.

Bullie, Bullie, my arse.

Gerrum in,



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