Adam Maher: Rest In Peace, pal of mine

Up the Cream are saddened to hear of the passing of former Hull FC player Adam Maher.

The Australian was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2018 and came back to Hull in early 2019 for a fundraising dinner that sold out at ease. Adam also brought out the match ball before Hull’s home match against Castleford.

That dinner was the most emotional dinner we’ve ever been to. The speech from Adam’s daughters, two of which were born in Hull, got everyone in the room – that was so emotional and brave of them to stand on the stage in the first place and talk about their dad so highly. But Adam had a smile on his face the whole day, and when the Minerva was packed to the rafters the following weekend as fans enjoyed one last pint with Adam, that smile was beaming. Adam made time for every single person in the pub. We’ll never forget that.

Of course Adam played 100 times for our club, scoring 25 tries. He was one of a number of players to come to Hull via Gateshead in what was a tough time for the club. It wasn’t glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. David Lloyd had packed his bags, the Hull Sharks era was no more and any talk of liquidation or a merger with that lot over the river was firmly abolished. We had our club back. We were getting ourselves back up the pyramid after a near miss with relegation, therefore we needed players who would roll their sleeves up and get on with the hard graft. Adam was one of those players.

Adam, alongside the likes of his good mate Craig Greenhill, Tony Grimaldi and then Jason Smith, was a solid player, a player that was never shy of putting a shot on and one that was busy in both attack and defence. As that team got to know one another our fortunes started to better. We made Super League play-off appearances in both 2001 and 2002 with Adam a key component of that achievement.

This Hull FC team was on the rise and was the foundation to reinstate the club as a force to be reckoned with once again. After the Hull Sharks era we could have gone one of two ways. Luckily we went the right way and without this stabilisation, Hull FC probably wouldn’t have gone on to win the Challenge Cup in 2005 and then reach the Grand Final the following year.

Make no mistake, Adam and this Hull FC team deserves its place amongst our proud history and heritage. That team set the stones after one of the most darkest periods in our history. Therefore Adam has our utmost respect and that’s why so many people supported him in his time of need.

That’s what we do. As supporters we look after our own. Once you’ve pulled on that famous Black and White irregular hooped jersey you’re a Black and White for life, but under the player there’s also a human being, and make no mistake about it, Adam was a lovely human being.

Rest In Peace, mate.




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