Following Hull FC is easy. Being emotionally attached to them is a bloody nightmare.

You get that because you’re here. You could be at work, in the pub, or having a quiet one with the Mrs, but no, you’re on the internet reading stuff about Hull FC.

There is plenty more like us. Plenty that revel in victory, dwell on defeat, and bathe in rose tinted nostalgia, game to game, week to week, year on year. Plenty that like us know nothing else.

Up the Cream was born in 2015 for people like you, people who want nothing more than to read, write, rant, and talk about their beloved rugby league club.

Since then thousands of words have been scribbled together, and hours of airtime has been voiced on both local radio and the podcasting network.

Some of it has been funny, some of it deadly serious, some of it complimentary, and some of it critical, but all of it has been from the bottom of the heart – regardless of joy or despair, or how optimistic or pessimistic we felt. 

This is UTC. This is what we do.

Why Up the Cream?

To those of you old enough to remember Gentleman John gracing the Boulevard, Broughton Rangers, and the smell of staled piss in the Threepenny Stand, then this name is for you.

Hull Rugby League Football Club are famously known as The Airlie Birdsbut they were also known as Up the Cream back in the 1950’s due to a run in the Black and White colours of the playing kit when put in the wash. The shirts therefore became Black and Cream hence Up the Cream.

It may also have something to do with the old Dairy Factory on Hessle Road but we’ll leave that theory for another day…

The Fanzine

Up the Cream is a completely independent supporters publication. The fanzine is brought out each home match-day and is sold for £2 a copy around the KCOM Stadium’s surrounding area. We sell thousands of fanzines per year, and have proudly supported the community game with our events and sponsorship.

With both a current and nostalgic look to both Hull FC and general rugby league, written content is predominately opinion pieces and is all owned by Up the Cream. The views expressed in the fanzine are the writers own views and not necessary of UTC itself.

The current issue, all back copies, and all other UTC products are available to browse here.


Subscriptions are the easiest way to secure your copy of the Up the Cream fanzine. They can be made through our reliable online shop, and you can do that here. Cheque payments are available on request, as is the option to pay direct through PayPal or bank transfer.


Our website compliments what we do. All our post-match ramblings from Hull FC games can be found online, as well as some interviews, nostalgic pieces, opinion pieces, and a load of stats. We’ve had more than two and a half million hits so far.


We run a Hull FC podcast every Monday during the season. You can check it out here

Social Media

The Up the Cream Fanzine is social and you can find on us on twitter and on facebook, or simply email our editor Dan.

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