Five Things: Hull FC show their class in win over Wigan

Hull FC produced their best performance of the season to beat Wigan 31-22 for their sixth home win in a row.

Here are our Five Things.

1.. Belting game

First things first that was a belting game of rugby league. It had everything.

Respect to Wigan and credit to Hull. Both sides chucked the ball around in the first half and played some fast and open stuff, before turning the game into a brutal war of attrition in the second half.

Both styles were just as captivating. It was a brilliant contest. Hull blew Wigan away early on but Wigan did what Wigan do and stuck at it.

Both sides then started to hammer each other and some of the hits and carries were as tough as they come. It was no place for the faint hearted.

A superb game. Wigan pegged Hull back but the home side dealt with their adversity well and showed plenty of character to soon hit back and regain the lead.

It was a superb performance from Hull, a huge win in context of their season, and a real marker against a competition top gun. 

2.. Home form

One of the biggest challenges for Hull this season was to sort their home form out.

For three or so years it hasn’t been good enough, but now we’re looking at a side that has won their last six games on home turf.

Knocking over Salford, Huddersfield, Warrington, Catalans, Toulouse, and now Wigan, Hull sit in a healthy position in Super League. Credit to them.

They’ve done it tough at times and they’ve done it with style as well. They’ve found that middle ground.

Finally, they’re turning their home ground into a fortress. It feels good and their league position reflects it. Fair play.

3.. Jake Connor

Lets talk facts. For how good the team performance was against Wigan, if Jake Connor doesn’t play, then Hull don’t win. It’s that simple.

Connor has won Hull so many games over the last fifteen months alone. His assist chart is freakish and he pops up on both sides of the pitch to deliver the goods. You can’t do that playing as a spilt half back, or at centre. 

Connor’s attack from fullback is nothing short of freakish and it’s a rarity a game goes by without him having the biggest Hull influence.

The problem with that is if he’s not knocking 4 or 5 assists a game out then people start to knock him. It’s ludicrous. He still had the biggest say in defeat to St Helens last week and in victory against Toulouse the week before he again put the tries on a plate.

Producing 22 assists in 12 Super League games this year, we’d say that’s pretty consistent. Some of those assists only Jake Connor can do. That final pass is outstanding and the one for Adam Swift’s second try was nothing short of sublime.

Obviously Connor has areas to tidy up, but what player doesn’t? Given time he will improve other parts of his game just like Sam Tomkins has over the years developing as a top class fullback.

But one thing remains a fact, and that is Hull FC would be a completely different side without Jake Connor. With five assists and a vital kick off late on, they wouldn’t have beaten Wigan for one, and you can say the same for at least half of their victories over the last two seasons. He’s a special, special player.

4.. Hitman Houghton

Danny Houghton played his 400th game for the club against Wigan, and it has to be said he was outstanding.

His distribution whether going short or wide was crisp and on the ball, and he also asked some questions when jumping out the ruck.

That was his best performance in a good three years. He was brilliant.

Scenes if that’ll be the standard for the rest of the season, but regardless of any recent opinions, he’s a club legend and that will never be taken away from him.

He’s now one of just ten players out of 1,171 heritage numbers to have reached the 400 mark. It’s not bad company, and it deserves some recognition.

5.. In the mix?

Hull are a good side. They’ve had a couple of poor results this year but they’re also not that far away at all.

They can grind games out and when it clicks they can play some slick rugby league as well.

Some of the attack against Wigan was brilliant and when Hull needed to be tough they didn’t back down either.

That’s now eight wins from thirteen league games this year. Hull sit in fifth spot with some breathing space. Given they weren’t tipped to do much this season it’s not bad at all.

In the mix? Why not. Hull pushed St Helens last week and they’ve now beaten the second, third, and fourth placed teams in Super League.

They’re a good side and they will only continue to get better.

They have two superb wingers, two flying centres, an attacking revelation at fullback, and a monstrous pack of forwards.

There’s room for improvement, but there’s a lot to shout about too.

That was a belting win against Wigan and a performance that had plenty about it.

Hull have skill, fight, spirit, resilience, and character. How far they can go this year is up to them. It always has been.

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