Hull FC end season with shocker at Wakefield

Nine defeats in ten, another pathetic display, another abysmal result, yeah… Hull FC were absolutely horrendous yet again, losing 44-12 to Wakefield in the final game of the 2021 season.

As bad it sounded then? Yes. Perhaps worse. Surprised? No. Hull’s display was nothing short of disgusting. They were abysmal throughout and to the point where it was like they actually didn’t give a shit. That’s a dangerous line to cross, rugby league players generally don’t go out onto a field and not try, but there was just nothing about this Hull side. No desire. No energy. No enthusiasm. Nothing. They went through the motions and they got exactly what they deserved.

Wakefield, who found themselves 34-0 up at half time, just took the piss out of Hull who were as bad as they’ve been all year in that first half which was nothing short of humiliating. Wakefield just wanted it more. They’ve had an underwhelming season themselves, but they’ve won four out of their last five games to finish the year, restored some pride, and improved the mood in their camp ahead of the winter months. It makes a big difference and Hull’s right now couldn’t be much worse with questionable player attitudes and fans rightly going into meltdown mode.

What those players have served up over the last couple of months, no scrap that, for the majority of the last three years, is almost unforgivable, except some of this lot have gone beyond the point of no return and the same goes for some of those who had the beneficiary of being snuggled up at home outside of the firing line. Except that criticism doesn’t just come on one bad display or result, and instead on a collective sequence of utter, utter shite that we the fans have had to put up with over the last couple of years.

We are absolutely sick to the back teeth of it. Sick of the owner saying the same message every year when membership renewal time is around the corner and sick of under-performing players on huge wages with big egos taking the utter piss out of the club, picking and choosing when they turn up. They’ve done it for years. They threw Lee Radford under a bus on numerous occasions, they continued to do so under Andy Last, and they’re doing the same under Brett Hodgson now. Clearly, some of those players just don’t like it when they’re told a few home truths or when a bloke from the outside comes in with a fresh set of ideas. That’s obvious. It’s their way or no way and ironically some of the biggest culprits of this are the players who avoided the Wakefield embarrassment and who’s positions need addressing the most.

Again that’s not to say there wasn’t an abundance of shite who were on display at Wakefield who need showing the door as well. We’ve got to the stage now where we need a root and branch overhaul of the club and it starts at the very top. On their part, the squad mismanagement has been there to see for the last couple of years to anyone who has taken the blinkers off. Questionable signings, questionable re-signings, they’ve both been apparent and both have held the club back and sold the squad short with sentiment the preferred option. But we know all that and we’re just repeating ourselves.

Following the trend of the last three or so years, it’s been a disastrous end to a season that you’d be forgiven for forgetting actually began with a fair bit of promise but which developed into ‘same old’ territory as the results and performances went sinister. Everything that Hull built themselves on in those early games has been abolished in recent weeks and they are once again the worst versions of themselves. It’s not good enough and it won’t be accepted. Oh no.

Questions have been asked of players, coaches, trainers, the owner, and the ‘DJ’ and to be honest there is some accountability in all of them. It’s the players that are most accountable though as what they continue to serve up is nothing short of dross and again regardless of what direction they are given in the coaching department.

As the coach, Hodgson will naturally cop some blame, and some will even question if he was the right man for the job in the first place, but truth be told he’s working with his hands tied and with snakes striking behind his back. The subtle changes he was making were evident at the start of the season yet they’ve fizzled out as the year has endured.

To make any progress Hodgson needs to be given the power to get rid and bring in who he wants when the salary cap allows him to do so, otherwise there was literally no point of hiring him. He’s got to be backed, and again you can only question attitudes from the playing group and whether they have truly and deeply embedded themselves into his way of doing things. Recently at least it’s like they’ve done the complete opposite, spat their dummies out, and are playing a waiting game to get him sacked.

At Wakefield, it was like the towel was thrown in. There was no desire from the Hull players to get on top of their opponent. No line speed. No energy. Just nothing. Nothing except shortcuts. Without the ball Hull were equally as bad and shock horror they had nothing posted on the scoreboard until Jake Connor came up with another assist from fullback after injuries to Jamie Shaul and Connor Wynne.

Benefiting from the freedom and the ‘licence to roam’ that the position gives, Connor has been the best thing about Hull this year, finishing with 22 try assists in a team that has struggled to attack for the most part. Whilst there’s areas to improve in the defensive side of his game, Connor has made the position his own and it’s sheer madness to even consider moving him. He’s been the shining light and the key cog in unlocking an opposition defence whilst other creative outlets have come unstuck.

On that front, it’s another defeat for Hull without Josh Reynolds who’s win percentage this year is greater with their Aussie half in the team. In fact, Hull have only won one, yeah ONE, Super League game without Reynolds this year. That’s the same without Connor. It’s a telling statistic and it’s not far fetched to suggest that Hull would have been relegation fodder without them, particularly Connor.

Chris Satae falls into the same category and again you ask where Hull would be without his contributions. He’s literally carried that pack at times and both that effort and covid have shown as he’s looked knackered over the last few games. As for further positives Manu Ma’u put in another courageous display whilst others around him stunk the place out, Jacob Hookem had a positive debut, and we won the second half (get the open top bus out), but to be honest positivity is insanity right now. The results, the attitudes, and the brand of rugby are all abysmal and we as fans need to get ruthless, call this shite out, and not accept it year on year.

The Wakefield game, like the eight defeats before it, was a complete chore. It was utterly rancid and almost impossible to engage with, and for those that braved it, the biggest relief once again was the full time hooter. Glad all over? Absolutely, but where the hell do we go from here?

Wakefield Starting XIII: 29. Ryan Hampshire, 5. Liam Kay, 4. Reece Lyne, 20. Joe Arundel, 18. Innes Senior, 6. Jacob Miller, 7. Mason Lino,  15. Eddie Battye, 23. Josh Wood, 10. Tinurau Arona, 16. James Batchelor, 12. Kelepi Tanginoa, 19. Jordan Crowther.

Interchange: 8. David Fifita, 9. Kyle Wood, 17. Chris Green, 26. Yusuf Aydin.

Wakefield Tries: Senior, Batchelor, Tanginoa 2, Miller, Fifita, Hampshire, Kay. Goals: Lino 5/6, Fifita 1/2

Hull Starting XIII: 29. Jamie Shaul, 2. Bureta Faraimo, 3. Carlos Tuimavave, 24. Cameron Scott, 27. Mitieli Vulikijapani, 6. Jake Connor, 19. Ben McNamara, 13. Ligi Sao, 14. Jordan Johnstone, 10. Chris Satae, 11. Andre Savelio, 12. Manu Ma’u, 16. Jordan Lane.

Interchange: 17. Brad Fash, 22. Josh Bowden, 23. Connor Wynne, 33. Jacob Hookem.

Hull Tries: Vulikijapani, Lane (Credited as Connor on Hull website but definitely Lane’s try). Goals: Connor 2/2

Scoring System: 6-0, 12-0, 18-0, 22-0, 28-0, 34-0, HT, 34-6, 34-12, 40-12, 44-12, FT.

Referee: Robert Hicks

Attendance: TBC

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