Hull FC losing run continues as Wigan edge dour affair

Hull FC’s rancid run of form continued with an eighth defeat of the past nine games, losing 0-10 to Wigan on Saturday afternoon.

Let’s stop there. The eighth defeat in the last nine games. That’s not good enough and should never be accepted. The second half of the season has been a disgrace and it’s hard to see anything but that run extending to nine defeats in ten at Wakefield next week. Can’t wait to see how they try sell memberships on the back of that… except that most of us are fucking idiots who will go regardless and by god do they play on that loyalty.

That was utter garbage yet again. Hull as a collective attacking unit were abysmal and Wigan weren’t much better. The game was flat and for the most part a complete eye sore. It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of endeavour, it’s just that both sides were absolutely hopeless and therefore not much happened in the way of actual quality. In fact, for the most part both sides were horrendous with Wigan just having that extra little bit of nouse on their last tackle plays to score two tries after a scoreless first half, but again they weren’t great and the fact they are the fourth best side in Super League speaks volumes about the competition these days. 

Hull meanwhile could have carried on until midnight and they wouldn’t have got over the line. They were abysmal. The unforced errors like they are week after week are killing any chance of victory and they’re not errors through chancing their arm either. They come through a lack of concentration, a lack of professionalism, and perhaps a lack of confidence too. Things like dropping the ball as they’re not expecting the offload, and dropping the ball because the pass is either at the ankle or above the head. It’s amateur and once again Hull were a bloody hard watch.

Wigan barely had to break sweat to hold Hull out, who didn’t ask many questions of their defence or mount a single ounce of pressure – even after the 40/20s which failed to provide a spark. Effort for the most part was there, rugby league players don’t go out on to the field and not try, but there was a distinct lack of intensity about Hull and that reflected in the crowd where you could hear a pin drop at times. Again, it was another tedious eighty minutes of rugby league with most of us just sat there bored and come full time we were just relieved it was all over.

That’s the level we’ve got to now. Going to watch Hull FC felt nothing less than a chore – an actual chore. What a fall from grace. There was no excitement pre-match, and most of us who went did so on habit and nothing else. Most of us will continue to do it all again next year too as we know nothing else and we will never turn our back on the club, but by god, they make it bloody hard at times.

There needs to be wholesale changes at Hull FC. They need to get fucking ruthless. And do it now. Because whilst there’s a hardcore that will always be there, others will vote with their feet and who can blame them. Fans are sick of dross year after year with empty promises and gestures.

The owner is already at it again in the programmes notes saying that the club will make changes to the playing squad. Not heard that before have we. Must be renewal time again soon. Except he didn’t mention anything about the footballing side of things and despite how hard they work or how nice they are, you can link the majority of Hull’s current woes to one thing: Motu Tony’s departure. He was never replaced and by god does it show. Never the less the owner has to back his words up this time as this can’t go on much longer, although again you can only question if the intellect is there amongst the club to get the right players in. Does the coach even have a say in all of this?

The reality is that Hull are a complete mess. It’s not a David Lloyd-like mess, and we obviously have seen much worse over the years, but it’s an expensive mess to say the least. It’s a squad that took a fortune to assemble, in fact, it’s the most expansive Hull squad ever, but despite being full time and not running businesses and working on the docks like those before them, this lot are clueless and absolutely awful to watch.

Some of those contracts need to be ripped up and tossed in the bin as it’s the same names holding the club back. It’s the same names that come up with mistakes time and time again, the same names that offer nothing with the ball, and who come up short when the going gets tough. That’s been evident to see in recent weeks during this latest losing run and was so in second half of the season collapses in both 2018 and 2019. There is a familiar pattern developing here.

It’s by no means an excuse or justification for the current dross, but since the covid outbreaks there’s been a distinct lack of fight in Hull’s displays, and as far as effort, grit, and determination go, this Hull side have been a shadow of their former self. But, and it’s important to mention, it hasn’t always been like that this season.

The last game before the first covid outbreak was that rag-tag Hull side rolling their sleeves up to beat Huddersfield so if anything that win is like a marker that splits the season in two. We were more than content with what we saw before that but everything since has seen the pitchforks well and truly come out. The wheels at Hull have completely fallen off and the lack of intensity in what they do now is an alarming drop-off to the energy and guile they showed at the start of the season. The reality is that over the last two months Hull have been nothing short of awful, and they’re getting exactly what they deserve with eighth place an honest reflection to where they’re at.

You have to ask much did that early season fight, or Jake Connor’s 21-try assists, paper over the cracks? Then again an honest hard-working team can go a long way and that’s why results went in our favour early on. Victories were built on graft in particular with a bit of finesse, and even in defeat you could take pride, but right now the defeats are nothing short of embarrassing. 

That’s just another example to why changes must be made. The best parts of Hull are outstanding, but unfortunately they are too few and far between and you can argue that others rely on those best parts to stand out themselves. Others clearly don’t have the hunger or desire to be truly great again, and are clearly content to chip away with a few good performances to earn a new contract and then repeat the cycle again. It’s an insult to the fans, to the club, to themselves, and there just has to be a cull or the same thing will happen again next year. We all know who needs to be on that cull and I can’t be arsed to repeat myself, but we’re at the point now where these words need to be backed up with action. If not, well the rot will be beyond repair and we’ll be all set for a few more years of mediocrity. Baring one or two flashes in the pan, we know nothing less.

Hull Starting XIII: 29. Jamie Shaul, 2. Bureta Faraimo, 3. Carlos Tuimavave, 24. Mahe Fonua, 27. Mitieli Vulikijapani, 1. Jake Connor, 7. Marc Sneyd, 13. Ligi Sao, 14. Jordan Johnstone, 10. Chris Satae, 11. Andre Savelio, 24. Cameron Scott, 12. Manu Ma’u.

Interchange: 17. Brad Fash, 16. Jordan Lane, 23. Connor Wynne, 19. Ben McNamara.

Hull Tries: None. Goals: None

Wigan Starting XIII: 3. Zak Hardaker, 28. Sam Halsall, 22. Jake Bibby, 4. Oliver Gildart, 5. Liam Marshall, 20. Harry Smith, 31. Jackson Hastings, 8. Brad Singleton, 9. Sam Powell, 14. Oliver Partington, 12. Liam Farrell, 13. John Bateman, 15. Morgan Smithies.

Interchange: 19. Liam Bryne, 22. Ethan Havard, 27. Kai Pearce-Paul, 25. Joe Shorrocks.

Wigan Tries: Bibby, Hardaker. Goals: Hardaker 1/2

Scoring System: HT, 0-4, 0-10, FT.

Referee: Liam Moore

Attendance: 10,043

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  1. There are deep rooted problems within the HULL FC club and I for one am not too embarrassed to say that I decided (after much thought) not to attend the WIGAN game although I am a passholder. I simply had no enthusiasm for it at all being a dead rubber (a bit like the players!), I have been a fan for over 42 years and have seen it all, but some of the recent flat performances have been amongst the worst I’ve seen. There is no easy answer to our problems, I wish there was…..Mr Pearson faces a tough off season but he has to act because the fans are already voting with their feet. How he expects to sell memberships God only knows…..I fear the worst as FC are in decline, and it hurts me deeply to say this.

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