Five Things: Hull FC woeful in defeat to Wigan as Pearson vows to make changes

Hull FC produced another shocker, losing 0-10 to Wigan in their final home game of the season.

Here is Up the Cream’s Five Things column.

1.. Eight out of nine

After a promising start to the year Hull have now lost eight of their last nine matches. It’s not good enough, but it shouldn’t be a surprise as below par finishes to the season are the norm in recent years.

Hull finished 2018 with eleven successive defeats, lost six out of their last seven in 2019, and even in the glory years of 2016 and 2017, Hull’s form in September left a lot to be desired. 2015 also saw them lose their last six games. There’s an awful pattern developing here, with only 2020 going away from the trend.

Talk about mentality, or a lack of it. That tells us that Hull haven’t got the professionalism or the longevity in their performances to mount a serious challenge at the business end of the season, with a lack of form, fitness, energy and intensity all contributing to some inept displays as the wheels fall off.

Again, it’s not good enough nor should it be accepted, and some serious questions need to be asked of this side. They can’t just sit and hide behind excuses.

These players clearly aren’t mentally tough enough for the demands of a week in week out slog and the soft underbelly at Hull clearly remains a problem. This side showed a lot of fight early on, but they’ve been soft as shit in recent weeks. 

What are the answers? God only knows. But it’s got to start with change. This lot have had enough chances.

2.. The brand of rugby

Watching Hull and Wigan was an absolute chore. We like many only went out of habit and come full time we were just glad it was all over.

It was a rancid game between two poor sides and don’t let a 0-0 half time score kid you into thinking the two defences were on point. No, both attacks were just absolutely hopeless.

Wigan managed to improve slightly in the second half to score two tries from kicks but Hull were dreadful.

Errors kept coming and they never (baring one forward pass to Vulikijapani) looked like scoring. It’s like they were waiting until the last tackle kick in most cases, comfortable in the knowledge that their ball handling was shite and the only way they were going to score was through Sneyd’s boot, and even that didn’t pay off.

It was just another horrendous attacking display, and whilst emotions can run high in the heat of the moment, people just won’t put up with that dross again next season. That’s the reality of it, and who can blame them. It was, and has been for a couple of months now, utter utter garbage.

3.. Pearson’s programme comments

Here he goes again. Hull have been crap and membership renewal time is up soon, so Adam is on his high horse and despite whinging about money all season, he’s now speaking about bringing new players in and how the club are going to make changes to the playing squad for next year. Except we’ve heard all that before.

To be fair to good old Adam, his rant after Warrington away back in 2018 was bang on the money, but he didn’t back his words up with actions and that can’t afford to happen again.

Fans won’t be fooled again and this time the club must back up their words with action. They’ve got to make room on the salary cap by getting rid of players we all know are surplus to requirement, and bring in new blood that will improve the squad.

Hull have their hands tied with a lot of players who most would love to see let go, but still they’ve got to do something about it. Even if that means ripping a few contracts up and taking the hit. They must be prepared to do that, otherwise why mention changes, unless you’re relying on words to sell a few memberships again….

4.. Getting the right player

We’ve spoken both in print and on the podcast about a cull at Hull and it needs to happen sooner rather than later. The returns this club are getting for what they spend are just not acceptable and some individuals are going to have to pay the price.

Still, the best parts of Hull remain outstanding and it’s those parts that they must build the team around.

So, who are they? That’s easy – Jake Connor, Carlos Tuimavave, Josh Griffin (when fit), Josh Reynolds (look at Hull’s form without him), Chris Satae, Manu Ma’u, and Adam Swift.

But what do Hull need? Again that’s easy. They need (in order) a hooker, two or even three new props, a half back, and another top quality back rower.

Hull are desperate for pace and creativity, both in the hooker and in the half back but especially in the hooker. They need size and longevity in the props – a third wheel if you like to go with Sao and Satae – and a back rower to compliment the recent efforts of Ma’u.

However, is the intellect there at the club to bring them sorts in? It’s a fair question as the squads current mismanagement is horrendous, although they did pull off a blinder in Darnell McIntosh so let’s see what else they have up their sleeve.

Can’t say we are optimistic like.

5.. Farewell Faraimo

Bureta Faraimo has been a decent servant for Hull FC in his four years here, and many would rather it was him staying in expense of Mahe Fonua who still has another year left on his deal.

In many respects that shows the current mismanagement at the club – let’s not forget Fonua was signed on a three-year deal at the same time Faraimo’s new two-year deal was announced. Why was one two and one three? Surely both should have been two and then the better one could have had his deal extended? Hindsight ey, but those making these decisions shouldn’t need hindsight.

Back to Faraimo… he’s been a steady player. He’s powerful and that makes him excellent in yardage. He packs a punch, he gives his all, and he’s scored a fair few tries in a side that has attacked hopelessly for the majority of his four years here.

A legend though? Behave. Getting churned (carried/milked) off the pitch after all the fans have gone home? Behave. It’s small-time. And it’s exactly why Hull are in the position they are.

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