Radford’s hilarious post-match interview – Fev away

Lee Radford was at his wittiest best post-match as Hull FC defeated Featherstone on Thursday night.

An absolute eye-sore of a second half soured the Challenge Cup contest, in what was an embarrassing advert for the sport, but that didn’t stop the Hull boss on shedding out some one liners.

“Honestly, that’s got Bransholme Dales vs Orchard Park written all over it and that’s no disrespect to either of them as they’re both classy parts of the world,” Radford said tongue in cheek.

“The best event of the that game was the final whistle.

“I thought our effort and energy was fantastic but our finesse was horrible. Our effort from start to finish was where it needed to be and it got us over the line.”

He’s right. Hull got the job done, but the game itself was a throwback to the 80s.

A hard watch at times – with a sequence of baffling decisions.

“I don’t want to say what I want to say as it will end up costing me a few quid and I’m saving,” Radford continued.

“I’d love to see all the incidents. No clock. No score-board. Nobody put 50p in the meter down that far end.

“I got showed the Shaul clip in the changing room. That’s the best impression of the Waterboy film I think I’ve ever seen. Genius.

“I think the ball came down about seven seconds after the actual contact was made.

“I haven’t seen the Faraimo incident though. I feel like Arsene Wenger here. This is bad. I dunno. I’ve got no doubt he will get six or seven games.”

A Challenge Cup tie that will be remembered for the bad nature of it, it’s fair to say referee Scott Mikalauskas lost control of the game, with the discipline of both sides going out of the window.

Radford understands that, but how you can keep your head against opponents like that?

“I don’t know how they could keep their discipline,” he admitted.

“We’ve got little Danny Houghton getting kneed in the face by Gareth Hock.

“We’ve got little Jez Litten, and I mean little in stature, baby-faced, and he’s getting balls thrown at his head and his neck slammed to the ground.

“They’re tough men to do that obviously to pick on a kid of that age and that stature.

“You don’t want to meet them in a dark alley because they are tough individuals.”

And as for injuries, not much light was shed on Hull FC’s situation, but Radford hinted at his plans should he get bad news from his rehab team this week.

“All three injuries look bad,” he said.

“We’ll promote some young kids and they’ll come in and be bouncing, debuts, and all that sort of stuff. We’ll be good to go.”

Glad to get out of Featherstone then? You betcha.

“The last time we played here was Rich Whiting’s testimonial a fortnight before the season started.

“It was my first campaign as coach and I lost Josh Bowden, Liam Watts and Chris Green in the first 15 minutes.

“I have nightmares about this place.”

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