2018 Hull FC Fixtures and Results

Hull FC’s fixtures for the 2018 Super League season. Fixtures are subject to change.

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Date Opponent Venue Kick Off
1 Fri 2 Feb Huddersfield H W-38-12
2 (S) Sat 10 Feb Wigan A L-10-24
F (S) Sat 17 Feb St George A L-18-24
3 (S) Sat 24 Feb Castleford A L-18-28
4 (S) Fri 2 Mar Warrington H W-21-12
5 (S) Thu 8 Mar Leeds A L-16-20
6 Fri 16 Mar Salford A L-8-24
7 Fri 23 Mar Catalans H W-42-16
8 (S) Fri 30 Mar Rovers A W-30-22
9 Mon 2 Apr Wakefield H W-27-26
10 (S) Fri 6 Apr St Helens A L-12-26
11 (S) Thu 12 Apr Widnes A W-39-20
12 (S) Thu 19 Apr Leeds H W-19-18
13 (S) Sat 28 Apr Catalans A L-24-25
14 Sat 5 May Castleford H W-36-12
C (S) Thu 10 May Featherstone A W-38-20
15 (S) Sun 20 May Rovers Magic W-34-22
16 (S) Fri 25 May Warrington A L-12-30
C (B) Sun 3 Jun St Helens A L-22-25
17 Fri 8 Jun Salford H W-45-14
18 Sat 16 Jun Wigan H L-10-14
19 Fri 29 Jun Widnes H W-31-24
20 (S) Thu 5 Jul Huddersfield A L-18-29
21 Fri 13 Jul St Helens H L-18-34
22 Sun 22 Jul Wakefield A L-10-72
23 (S) Fri 27 Jul Rovers H L-16-20
24 Fri 10 Aug Wakefield H L-13-31
25 Fri 17 Aug Huddersfield A L-6-26
26 (S) Thu 30 Aug Warrington A L-10-80
27 (S) Fri 7 Sep Castleford H L-8-28
28 Fri 14 Sep St Helens A L-12-38
29 Sat 22 Sep Catalans H L-20-26
30 Fri 28 Sep Wigan A L-12-14


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